Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Combicut DJ/NC - CNC Bridgesaw/Waterjet Cutting Center

The Combicut DJNC is a combination saw/waterjet featuring the power, speed, and precision of a well constructed bridgesaw with the advanced layout nesting, and complex shapes possible with a waterjet.
The machine, now in it’s 5th year of production is being offered in several innovative configurations as a single tank standalone unit, dual tank, or with our innovative automatic worktop exchanger.
The standard machine unit is equipped with a 23HP spindle head with FULL SIZE up to 20” diameter blade capacity which is engineered to take maximum advantage of today’s highest speed diamond blades. The spindle is capable of complete 360 degree rotation, thus also optimizing non cutting time.

Combicut DJ/NC offers the possibility of combining or alternating blade or waterjet operations depending on slab layout requirements, which allows for the optimization of cutting operations, resulting in higher material yields, minimised waste, and minimized material handling.

In the standard version, Combicut DJ/NC is supplied with a fixed work table consisting of a steel tank structure fit with “consumable” steel fins with an easy to replace rubber coating that are designed for supporting and providing traction for the slab during machining operations. The control panel is mounted on a swing arm outside of the working area. A remote keypad is also included to be carried inside the working station when needed. It conforms to EC safety standards, and to CSA and UL standards.

The latest version of our “COMBICAM” programming software is an extremely simple, yet powerful application whereby template CAD files are arranged via the mouse over scaled digital photographs of the subject slabs. As the pieces are positioned within the slab photograph a new feature dynamically renders the project in 3D allowing the designer to match the veins and patterns of the material, while taking into account predefined defects & the material removed during cutting.

Once the layout is confirmed, the software then automatically detects and assigns toolpaths to the blade or waterjet, optimizes the sequence of cuts, and assigns feeds and speeds based upon pre-programmed hardness parameters of the material

Breton’s customizable Automatic Worktop Exchange system for the Combicut is a very popular option designed to have the loading and unloading process taking place away from the tank environment in a more safe and ergonomic area while the machine is cutting the subsequent slab. The system is designed to increase the total available cutting time of the machine, therefore offering the shortest cycle time per slab.
The Combicut can dramatically affect per project cycle times and costing by eliminating the need for an experienced sawyer and minimizing secondary shaping operations, while being versatile enough to provide sophisticated customization.

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