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Thursday, 10 May 2018


Breton XpressTop is the single most advanced management software designed specifically around improving the kitchen top production cycle.  
XpressTop increases your productivity, while reducing costs to give your fabshop the competitive edge it needs.  
This intuitive solution is defined by a modular approach, leading you through each stage of production: from sales, to design, passing through inventory all the way through delivery. 
Each module seamlessly integrating and communicating with the next, increasing efficiency at every stage of production.

  • INCREASES ACCURACY with the automatic generation of a mistake-proof Bill of Materials
  • AUTOMATES THE ENTIRE PROCESS, expediting your sales and production cycle
  • TRACKS ORDERS throughout each stage of production, granting you total transparency on the status of every project your shop is working on.
  • SCHEDULES THE SELECTION & PURCHASE OF RAW MATERIALS in accordance with established delivery dates.
  • SAVING RESOURCES through extremely efficient process management.
  • ELIMINATES THE NEED FOR EXPENSIVE SPECIALIZED PERSONNEL By flawlessly managing and communicating between each stage of production unto completion without the restraints of human error and related costs.
  • PRIORITIZES ORDERS AND SCHEDULING that may affect the timely production.

The INVENTORY module performs real-time tracking of your entire shops inventory, starting at the very beginning with slab purchasing orders and raw material management.
The INVENTORY module provides:

  • Live digital photo database with sizes and characteristics of your slabs, including vein imaging
  • Warehouse inventory management complete with material tracking within specific warehouse areas
  • Tracking of all materials, coming from suppliers and going to clients
  • Managing of all orders to raw material suppliers
  • Automatic and easy issuing of purchase documents, such as quote requests, purchase orders, transport documents etc.
  • Creation and control of slab remnants
  • Inventory reports and statistics (material handling, purchase orders and invoices)
  • Mobile device integration; making warehouse management possible out on the floor
  • Management of raw material purchase prices
  • Ability to commit material to sales, production, or site transfers when applicable
  • Manage the reorder point of your inventory avoiding eventual downtime during the production process
  • Quality control over purchased materials and issue of non-compliance instances
The SALES module is to simplify and expedite the sales process through an integrated Customer Relationship Management tool (CRM) that automates quotes, production orders, and scheduling of activities.

The SALES module provides:
  • An industry specific Customer Relationship Management tool (CRM) organizes customer database, delivery terms, email storage, and Issuing of sales documents: quotes, sales orders, invoices, etc.
  • Sales reporting and statistics such as orders per month, sales prices, discounts, internal production costs, etc.
  • Real-time visualization of the order status (in conjunction with the production module)
  • Price list management
  • Scheduling of different activities such as: measurements at the installation site, date of production start and end, shipment date, installation and even on-site technical assistance
  • Convenient task assignments (technician for measurements, forwarding agent, technician for installation, etc.)
  • Management of raw material suppliers and committing or issuing a slab purchase order together with the inventory module

The DESIGN module is tailor-made around the unique demands of your engineering department enabling limitless creativity with a state of art CAD interface, complete with an entire library of templates from which to build upon.

The DESIGN module provides:
  • Project drawing interface with:
  1. CAD functions
  2. parametric shapes library
  3. DXF file import capability
  • The capability to input project details, such as edge shaping, finishing, and even accessory types, etc.
  • Quotes in collaboration with the sales module based on a specific drawing
  • A complete list entailing project specifications and all materials necessary
  • Easy exporting of the project in DXF format
  • Archive management of finished projects in DXF files- both internally produced, or provided by your customers
  • Seamless integration between the Design and Inventory modules facilitating management of raw material suppliers, and when needed, generating slab purchase orders


The PRODUCTION module is a tool that allows you to program, schedule and monitor all the different steps of your project.  
From the “production sheet” it is possible to trace the raw materials and all the components utilized, monitoring in real-time the actual status of human resources, providing to the machine operators all the scheduling activities to be performed.  
Also allow to monitor and trace the status of the all pieces (finished or not) and the machine operator activities in order to minimize mistakes.

The PRODUCTION module provides:
  • Scheduling of production phases and forecasting the time needed to realize a project 
  • Monitoring and tracking of each order phase (cutting, contouring, edging, finishing, packing, etc.) 
  • Real-time production reports and statistics, including, the final number of processed orders, processing times, production costs, etc. 
  • Sorting of material requests to their respective warehouses: slabs, remnants, pieces (in collaboration with the inventory module) 
  • Automatic transferring of working programs to Breton machines 
  • Analysis or different options in order to realize each piece. 
  • Checks for remnants or broken pieces to plan their reintegration into the production cycle
The Customer service that Breton provides goes above and beyond.
Breton conducts an active hotline service performed by highly specialized technicians. It is also possible to carry out technical service directly on the machine installed on the customer side without the physical presence of the machine operator.
Through the software for the remote assistance it is possible to perform remote monitoring and diagnostics by being connected directly to the customer machine in a safe and secure way.
Through hotline service it will be possible to solve remotely many eventual problems promptly, granting you enormous savings.

For more information and prices, on Breton XpressTop, contact
We’ll get back to you promptly.
Thank you for the attention and best regards.

Sergio Prior

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Granite House purchased a Contourbreton NC300 K40 with Robocup system

Granite House renews his trust in Breton

with the purchase of a Contourbreton NC300 K40 with Robocup system.

Founded in 2005 in Southport, Granite House is an excellence in the production of natural stone surfaces for kitchens and bathrooms. 

Granite House gives life to real artworks: that’s why it gained a lot of reputation through the years. 

The English company stands out for the unceasing search for perfection in every detail throughout the whole production process. 

For this reason, Granite House decided to entrust Breton with part of its production cycle. Our companies share the same main goal, that identifies the company core: QUALITY FIRST.

Granite House renewed its trust in Breton with the purchase of a Contourbreton NC300 K40 with Robocup system.

This represents a new proof of Breton reliability and the absolute quality of its products.

Here is the video of the setting of the Contourbreton NC300 K40:

For more information and prices, on the Contourbreton NC 300, contact
We’ll get back to you promptly.

Thank you for the attention and best regards.

Sergio Prior

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Breton ContourFive - the present and the future of ornamental sculpture

The natural stone manufacturing technology – marble and granite – has made strides over the last years thanks to 5-axis working centers, allowing to obtain complex architectural products that were not conceivable until a few years ago.

Thanks to its vertical travel of 700/1200 mm, Breton CONTOURFIVE is the ideal machine for architectural and funerary art as well as for those processing which require a deep dishing out; It therefore offers the users the possibility of performing different and complex machining operations wich would otherwise require several machines: 
  • shaping utilising the saw blade to get large pieces with complex shape. 
  • shaping and dishing out utilising millers. 
  • contouring utilising shaping tools. 
  • sawing utilising the saw blade. 
  • turning of columns with shaped profiles or machining of position for the saw blade to create a twisted effect all along the surface. 

The software "Breton SmartCam MODELLING" has been developed to simulate the Breton CONTOURFIVE when working by dividing the machining centre into different parts: 
- machine structure, 
- axes, 
- spindle, 
- tool-store, 
- tools. 

 The software imports the file generated by the CAM program (ISO code) for the piece to be machined and simulates the entire machining cycle, thus detecting any possible impact which may occur. The software is installed in the pc of the buyer.

This is what a Breton ContourFive 5-axis working center can do:


The accessory "Store for saw blade" allows taking/storing automatically the bladewith a maximum diameter of 1000mm. The advantages are the reduction of troughs and the automation of the whole process.

With the accessory "Lathe" is possible to produce columns and twisted effect details with workable sizes: max. diameter 960/ max. length 3200mm.

The opportunity to obtain architectural elements reducing production time, material waste and marginal error makes this machinery a must – have for all manufacturers.
At the same time, the advantage for the final costumer is to have a 360° customizable product , requiring less time and money than those required by a craftsman.

Breton Contourfive gives you the chance to turn any idea into reality.

For more information and prices, on the 5-axes stone working center Breton Contourfive, contact
We’ll get back to you promptly.

Thank you for the attention and best regards.

Sergio Prior

Thursday, 25 January 2018

Breton UK is now 100% Breton

Breton UK has come 100% under the control of Breton Italy and the new resident manager is Bragagnolo Fabio, Breton technician of proven long-term experience.

Breton UK headquarters are located in Cambridge, where the Administration Offices and the spare parts warehouse are.

Breton UK 
82 Osprey Drive,
Cambridge, CB2 9FU
Phone: 01223-662-112




Technical support will be provided by our skilled field technicians Dorian Watson, Gem Mallison coordinated by resident manager Bragagnolo Fabio, and with Akamatsu Clarice administrative accounting support.

Breton UK will continue to provide general support, technical support and in-field repairs, spare parts, assistance and distance selling for all customers of the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Knowledge, professionalism, dedication and responsiveness characterise our daily activity as we understand time is very important for all our customers.

More information on Breton UK website.

Thank you for the attention and best regards.
Sergio Prior

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Contourbreton NC 300 EVO - NEW accessories FREEPASS and EASYLOCK

When you buy a new Countorbreton NC 300 and NC 300 EVO, you always have a wide range of opportunities to personalize it to improve its use and adapt it to your needs and desires.
Choosing the Contourbreton with ROBOCUP bench will allow you to use special Robocup passive suction cups that do not require a power supply. This system will provide the necessary suction directly from the bench based on the position of the cups, without the need for tubes or manual taps.(EASYLOCK).

You can choose whether your operator, guided by a laser projector, can place the suction cup on the right position or you can deliver the suction cup to the machine that will place it in the desired position, or let the machine operate in full autonomy.
The only thing your Contourbreton will ask is that you have washed your bench after you've unloaded the previously finished pieces.

In case of serial production orders of countertops that requires the same dimensions, you can equip your Contourbreton with EASYLOCK.

This system consists of a fixed suction cup bar located on the back of the machine, and a second one on the front, with micrometric adjustment.

When the workpiece width changes, it is sufficient to move the micrometric bar with its suction cups by simply deactivating or activating the suction cups mounted, which will slide the bar with the help of two perpendicular rails.

If you'd like to receive a quotation about FREEPASS or EASYLOCK please feel free to write to
We'll get back to you straight away!

Thank you for the attention and best regards.
Sergio Prior