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NEW Breton Combicut 5 axis - bridge saw + Waterjet for ceramic, stone, marble and granite

COMBICUT 5 axis -It works perfectly with ceramic slabs, 45° waterjet cut is now available.

The cutting unit consists of a spindle prearranged to hold a diamond disk and a Waterjet head, it rotates around its axis (4th axis) and is provided with motorized in-clination from 0 to 55° (optional 5th axis).
COMBICUT combines and alternates the cutting with disk and Waterjet according to preset programs and/or at will: this allows to optimize cuts thus ensuring waste minimization (there is no need to move the slab or the workpieces). 

  It is also possible to perform complex rectilinear and curvilinear cuts as well as inclined cuts.
COMBICUT conforms to the CE accident-prevention and UL/CSA North-American (optional) standards.

Version without foundations
In the standard version of the machine, cement shoulders are provided by the buyer. On request (optional accessory), COMBICUT can be supplied with shoulders consisting of metal structures, which do not require foundations and are simply fixed to the floor.

Version with automatic system for worktop exchange 
COMBICUT comes standard with a fixed worktop consisting of a steel tray (with "gradually deteriorating" blades) that supports the slab during machining.
On request (optional accessory), COMBICUT can be supplied with a system for the automatic exchange of worktops that steps up productivity: the uncut slab is prear-ranged and its cutting scheme is programmed outside the machine while COMBICUT is cutting another slab, then the two worktops are swapped automatically thus saving time.

Heavy-duty cutting spindle
The suitably dimensioned cutting spindle is provided with inverter for the non-stop variation of the disk rotation speed and cut-tracing laser displaying the cutting direction.

Cutting unit rotating around its axis
The cutting unit (cutting spindle with disk and Waterjet head) rotates around its axis by ±190° (4th axis), thus giving competitive advantages: an unrivalled cutting precision and speed.
Motorized and programmed inclination of the cutting unit
The inclination of the cutting unit (cutting spindle with disk and Waterjet head) is automatic, motorized and can be programmed in any position from 0° to 55° (op-tional 5th axis) in order to perform inclined cuts in either the plunge-cut or step-cut mode, required, for instance, when V-grooves are to be machined.

Water jet tapering compensation in the Waterjet head
The software is provided with a special function for the automatic, non-stop com-pensation of the natural tapering of the high-pressure water jet. This compensation ensures the regular and precise cutting geometry on the work piece. 

Automatic measurement of the uncut slab thickness
The machine is equipped with a sensor for the precise, automatic and programma-ble measurement of the uncut slab thickness in order to cut V-grooves (sections inclined by 45°) featuring precise dimensions.

Top brand Waterjet system
The Waterjet pump system is supplied by KMT/Waterjet Systems that will also pro-vide the buyer/user with the international guarantee service on the Waterjet cutting system.

COMBICUT is equipped with the latest generation Siemens Sinumerik 840D SL computer numerical control (CNC) with digital control on PC architecture and a Personal Computer with Intel processor and Windows XP operating system.
The control board can be rotated and is provided with keyboard, colour multi touch-screen for graphic visualization and USB port.

The console is provided with a joystick to move intuitively the different motorized working axes.
The standard software enables the following operations:
– to draw the polygonal and curvilinear pieces to be produced directly on the ma-chine
– to import the pieces to be produced (even with a curvilinear shape) in DXF for-mat
– to arrange the pieces to be produced on a template having a predefined rectan-gular shape (on the video)
– to manage automatically the combined "diamond disk/Waterjet" cutting accord-ing to both the pieces to be produced and their position on the slab.
A portable button panel, cable-linked to the console, duplicates the main controls (management of the axes + handwheel, safety stop, …), thus enabling the operator to stand nearby the piece under machining and visually inspect the correct execution of some delicate operations.

Software for order optimization and management
COMBICUT suggests the arrangement of the pieces to be cut on the slab surface according to the pending orders loaded in the system, thus optimizing automatically the slab surface utilization.

Digital colour photos of the slab
COMBICUT can be supplied with an (optional) system including a digital camera that acquires the true colour image of the uncut slab and displays it on the touch-screen of the machine PC (or other PC).
The operator marks the slab outline and the contour of any possible surface defect with the mouse and COMBICUT automatically arranges the pieces to be cut on the slab surface thus optimizing its useful area.
All the various operations (digital reproduction of the uncut slab image, definition of the slab perimeter and defects and optimization) are carried out while the machine is processing the preceding slab.
COMBICUT - technical data
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