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Monday, 24 February 2014

CNC stone router Contourbreton NC260 second-hand in good conditions

Good morning,
Today I’d like to propose you a reliable used “Contourbreton NC 260” in EXCELLENT working order, at a REALLY CONVENIENT PRICE!
It's a CNC stone working centre with three interpolated axes, specially engineered to shape, contour, mill and drill items of granite, marble, engineered stone and stone in general. 
Ideal machine for producer kitchen top.
Distinctive Features:
- BRAND NEW spindle equipped with adjustable pneumatic preassure device for polishing horizontal and inclined surfaces (12 months warranty);
- wide useful working travel: 3.500x2.300 mm;
- rapid movements of up to 60 metres per minute;
- mobile bridge in order not to hinder the piece loading and unloading onto the work-table;
- automatic tool-store with 18+16 positions;
- HSK-B80 type tool-holding cone connector ensuring maximum rigidity;

- the machine structure is manufactured from a single piece of steel to ensure maximum rigidity;
- the machine is equipped with a tank for the processing water collection and piping, thus it does not require special foundations but it is simply floor-anchored;
- the machine complies with the CE standards

Technical Specifications:
- “X” axis useful working travel        3.500 mm
- “Y” axis useful working travel        2.300 mm
- “Z” axis useful working travel           260 mm
- tool max. diameter                           140 mm
- tool max. length                               200 mm
- spindle rotation max. speed         9.000 giri/min
- spindle motor power                       10,5 kW
- spindle connector                          HSK-B80
- total capacity of the tool-stores     18+16 utensili
- “X” axis advancement speed        60.000 mm/min
- “Y” axis advancement speed        40.000 mm/min
- “Z” axis advancement speed        20.000 mm/min
- Overall dimensions                  5.800x4.150x2.800mm
- sound power level                        90 dBA
- sound pressure level                    80 dBA
- machine weight               approx. 8.000 kg

The machine comes complete with:
- spindle inclination, 
- 4th axis, vacuum cups, 
- tool tapers, stoppers, 
- 90° cutting head, 
- 45° cutting head 
- head for rounded disk
Furthermore, the price includes the installation charges and a 12-month guarantee.
If you wish to know the price of this machine, write to
Sergio Prior

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

The first Shapemill NCF 1600 K55 installed in the USA

Hello everybody,
Today I’d like to talk about the first Shapemill NCF 1600 K55 installed in the USA, purchased by Keystone Memorials Inc. in Elberton, GA 30635.
Keystone Memorials Inc. is a company whose core business is the production of monuments and mausoleums.

The version of Shapemill machining centre for natural stone purchased by Keystone Memorials is the K55, the largest machining centre Breton ever produced since it makes it possible to process a block of 4.500x3.000x1.500mm in height (177.2x118.1x59.1”).
Its working travels are the following:
X-axis = 4.000mm (157.5”)
Y-axis = 5.500mm (216.5”)
Z-axis = 1.600mm (63”)
The A-axis rotates from 0° to +115° and the C-axis rotates at ±200°.

Shapemill spindle releases a power of 36 kW at 6.000 rpm.
The Cartesian axes have the following advance speeds:
X-axis = 0÷40 m/min (0÷1,574 ipm)
Y-axis = 0÷40 m/min (0÷1,574 ipm)
Z-axis = 0÷30 m/min (0÷1,181 ipm)
The A- and C-axis rotation speed is 12 rpm.

Shapemill 1600 machining centre can hold a disk with maximum diameter of 1.000mm (39.4”).
The tool magazine has 27 cells and the maximum length of the tool is 450mm (17.7”)

Keystone MemorialsShapemill is also equipped with a lathe enabling to produce columns and twisted effect details with dimensions of ø 1.080/1.600 x3.200mm in length (ø 42.5/62.3 x126”).

The overall dimensions of Breton machining centre are the following: 8.500x7.850x6.500mm in height (334.6x309.1x255.9”).

As you can see in the picture above, Shapemill began producing as soon as it was installed.
I will show you the workpieces produced by the second Shapemill installed in the USA shortly.
Ask for an estimate to
Sergio Prior

Friday, 14 February 2014

Michael Reis

Good morning 
Today I want to remember Michael Reis, editor of the Stone World magazine, passed away suddenly while vacationing with close friends in Jamaica on Friday, February 7, 2014
Rest in Peace.
Sergio Prior

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Breton uses Windows Embedded for remote assistance

In June 2013 Microsoft visited Breton at Castello di Godego and realized this wonderful video!

ASEM, our supplier, with its Ubiquity solution won the "Windows Embedded Intelligent Systems Partner Excellence Award" in the Global Manufacturing category. 
The award recognizes each year Microsoft partners that stood out by delivering creative problem-solving intelligent solutions to customers.

In August 2012 Breton and Lido Stone Works began installing an intelligent system, called Ubiquity, designed by industrial automation pioneer ASEM and based on Windows Embedded, the Windows Azure platform, SQL Server, and the Windows Server and Windows operating systems.
Lido Stone Works, a custom manufacturer of stone products, wanted a more automated production environment, so it asked Breton, a well-known machinery manufacturer, for help.

Lido decided to implement an intelligent system from Breton and Microsoft that connects manufacturing equipment with central servers.
The solution includes ASEM Ubiquity software based on Windows Embedded.

As a result, Lido has increased revenue by 70 percent and productivity by 30 percent, while Breton has cut travel costs by approximately € 400,000 (US$ 524,000) by assisting customers remotely. 

Most importantly, the solution is helping Lido realize its potential for innovation.
Ask for an estimate to

Sergio Prior

Monday, 10 February 2014


At the Stonexpo 2014, Breton USA had a GREAT show, with 100’s of visitors to our stand from 27 US States, 5 Canadian provinces, and 5 foreign countries, bringing projects in all market segments from Fabshop to Traditional (Natural Stone) to compound stone technology. 

At the show we refocused our efforts to show our customer our increased North American commitment in manpower, facilities, and future investment. 
Tom Camp - Arizona and New Mexico agent and Magdalena Picardi - BretonUSA General Manager

John Fallon - Nord East – New England salesman with G. Filippetto - BretonUSA Vice president, Gerry van Der Bas - BretonUSA National Sales and Piero Zamperin - Breton
We hope the message taken will be that we are here with the resources to work with companies of all shapes and sizes and we are focused on their goals.
We proudly displayed our New NC300 K40 Robocup which is currently being installed at a Toronto Metro Area Client and this machine was a real hit with our Fabricator friends.

We closed one project at the show and expect to have quite a few more as a result.

Robert Stout - Nord West agent with Gerry van Der Bas - National Sales
Clearly, there is a movement in our industry toward high quality, high reliability equipment, and while I’m certainly biased towards Breton, I truly think with all of our recent investment and acquisition. We are in a great position to be the best machinery partner for the stone industry.

We were so happy to see that people are looking, interested, and most importantly investing in their business again in North America, and we’ll be proud to work with those that choose to be our partner going forward.

So, speaking on behalf of all the members of the Breton USA North American Sales Team, I say the show is a big success, and we are resolved in the next weeks to capitalize on every opportunity we can.

Gerry Van Der Bas

National Sales