Friday, 18 June 2010

Contourbreton NC260K - Calibrating radio touch probe control

1 -Tools required  
Calibration cylinder
2 - Enter parameters
1 – enter tool length and radius for probe identified as tool number 2
2 – Insert probe on spindle or pick from tool magazine in semiautomatic (MDA) utilising the following command:
3 – Ensure the machine is safe to work on before proceeding with maintenance
Turn the key selector switch “Maintenance” to the left
Press the button “open doors”
Open the doors
Turn the key selector switch “Auxiliary” to the left
4 - Touch probe comes into contact with work table  
With the aid of the mobile pushbutton control panel move the probe so that is skims the work table to find zero point G518 for axis Z.
5 - Calibration cylinder
1 – Release the probe from the work table and position under the calibration cylinder.
2 – Move the probe so that it is positioned approximately in the centre of the hole of the calibration cylinder.
6 - program cylinder probing
1 – edit the file SETUP_RF which is located in folder RADIO section WORKPIECES.
2 – Check calibration cylinder measurements and modify if necessary.
3 – Close editor and select program SETUP_RF
7 - Probing cycle           
1 – Run the program in automatic
2 – Edit file ERRORS which is located in folder RADIO section WORKPIECES

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