Monday, 13 December 2010

Breton FABCENTER. A Dream machine!!!

The Breton FABCENTER is a multifunction DIGITAL workcenter for fabricating countertops to completion, with the most minimal labor and maximum manageability.

Employing our new revolutionary software Breton FABCAM, the operator can choose to design the various components of the project (or import .dxf files created from field or captive digital templating systems.) The resulting cad files are very simply dragged and dropped over automatically scaled photographs of the slabs selected for the job, taken using the industrial grade camera system provided. 
Breton FABCAM employs common line cutting capabilities to ensure optimized material usage reducing the number of cuts taken during sawing/routing operations. The software is intuitive of linear and radius cuts and applies the correct tool accordingly. With Breton FABCAM your layout IS your cutting program.
The results of the assembled project are displayed at the PC monitor in High resolution as a 3D dynamic rendering including edge detail of the finished pieces where adjacent pieces are recomposed as a unit.
This system allows extremely precise vein matching and other layout customizing tools by automatically removing from the graphic, the material which will be removed by the tools during the process. 
The file becomes a TRUE preview of the final project, including splash, recesses, cut outs, tap holes and edge detail.
The 3D image is capable of being zoomed and rotated for verification. The rendering may then be exported in a digital file format to be sent via email or simply printed for customer approval prior to processing.
The entire cutting process is previewed using a 3D simulator showing a model of the machine running and the material being processed as programmed. This allows for verification of the overall dimensions of the piece, suction cups, and tools. The system will identify and alarm for points of collision and impact.
Once all verifications are completed the Breton FABCENTER will perform all cutting operations to separate the components according to the programmed layout. Once completed the pieces are very simply shifted to new positions on the table respective of clearances required for the tools selected for the remaining shaping and edging operations, thus eliminating the risk of breakage between operations. A very simple vacuum action suction system is used for this process.
Piece shifting and repositioning is facilitated and guided by the Breton SPACELASER which marks the new positions for the separated pieces on the worktable. The Breton SPACELASER is a new hardware/software system designed to project onto the working table the position of the suction cups for both the cutting and profiling operation, the slab perimeter and the profile of the finished pieces. 
The ideas and wishes expressed by Fabricators along with the experience of a first class stone machinery manufacturer have been brought to a unique result: A brilliant synergy between mechanics and software power and the industries only all inclusive single machine digital soltution for complete custom countertop fabrication....The Breton FABCENTER.
That said, all you need to do now is ask for an estimate of this really SPECIAL machine! 
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  1. We have one of these, they are a fab machine,

  2. Actually it is not that one, its the CONTOURBRETON MOC. NC 4U although all Breton Machine are seriously good.