Thursday, 28 July 2011

Breton & Waterjet Corporation

Waterjet Corporation is the well-known Italian company that has been producing for many years water jet cutting machines used in the stone and metal machining fields, the latter being a sector which requires top performances and precision.
In order to complete its range of machines for natural and compound stone processing fabshops, Breton entered into a cooperation agreement with Waterjet Corporation aimed at marketing and supplying their cutting machines, all of which are precise, powerful, fast and offer the possibility of being equipped with a pump of up to 6200 bar.
The optional KMT Streamline PRO pump with a maximum pressure of 6200 bar can be supplied as an alternative to the KMT Streamline pump of 4.130 bar. With 6200 bar, other conditions being equal, the cutting speed increases remarkably and the cutting cost per square metre is cut down.

Another optional outfit is the I.T.C.™ system that corrects the natural tapering of the cut by compensating the high pressure water jet through the Numerical Control.

The I.T.C.™ system guarantees the realization of top quality products.
When the compensation of the I.T.C.™ system is running, the water jet is also directed against the advance direction so as to minimize the so-called "tail effect", thus reducing the acceleration and deceleration ramps near the corners for a faster and more economical cutting cycle.
The movement accuracy of each single machine is tested and checked through laser and Renishaw ball bar test.
The walls of the tank are made of stainless steel, while its bottom consists of a steel plate 8 mm thick.

The axes movements are through hardened helical racks and pinions (Alpha Wittestein, Germany) and linear slideways with preloaded bearings (Bosch Rexroth).

WaterCad™, is the software specially developed for the 2D processing; it generates simply and quickly any cutting path with a variety of options: automatic looping and tags insertion, automatic standard cut, small bridges for a one-run cut.

Using WaterCad™, it is possible to select the quantities and different pieces to be inserted in one or more slabs. The Automatic Nesting function is much helpful for optimizing production and minimizing waste.

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  1. When, you are looking for a water jet cutting service, it is very important that you check to see that if the company, you are thinking of doing business with, has been around for a number of years. It’s quite interesting, to see your service.

  2. Dear Sir,

    Breton is indeed a company with many years of experience designing first class equipment.
    We were founded in 1963, and were the innovator of the first combination circular blade/waterjet machine in 2005. The particular machines seen here are a collaberation between Breton, Waterjet.IT, and KMT waterjet, all of whom are long term well respected companies in the industry.

    In North America we have a full service and technical support capability from two locations and a full staff of direct employees.

    With the infrastructure in place, we believe we are in an excellent position of strength to exceed the needs with a very dedicated and focused staff amongst all our products.
    The company is quite stable and able to compete on a world class scale.

    I hope that anyone watching would research us, and be impressed.

    Gerry Van Der Bas
    National Sales (US/Canada)

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