Monday, 14 November 2011

BretonLathe: software for the CAD/CAM programming of and turning on marble and granite

BretonLathe is a CAD/CAM software for the execution of complex marble and granite workpieces using a lathe on Breton turning centres Shapemill, ContourFive and Smart-Cut 800 with up to 6 axes.  
Besides the specific functions of the CAD/CAM software with which it is paired, this software allows to carry out also the following major functions:
•    execution of columns in general, which may be cylindrical, conical or sculpted.

•    execution of bases and capitals of cylindrical columns.
•    execution of bas-reliefs on columns.

•    execution of statues.
•    execution of linear grooves on cylindrical, conical or sculpted surfaces.
•    profiling, milling and hollowing out on pieces with curvilinear, spiral, cylindrical, conical or sculpted shape, using a miller and saw blade.
•    3D engraving of Windows "True Type" fonts on surfaces with multiple shapes.
The software operates in a Windows environment, is easy-to-understand and user-friendly.

"BretonLathe" can be paired with "BretonSmartCam EVOLUTION, FRAME and MODELLING" on machine equipped with the lathe.
N.B. The software features may be limited by the technological and operational characteristics of the machine.

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