Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Breton Smart-Cut S/NC 550 Optima: the most popular bridge saw amongst marble masons

Breton Smart-Cut S/NC 550 Optima
For today’s advanced Fabricators, Breton offers our comprehensive sawing system, the Smart-Cut S/NC 550 Optima

a CNC bridge saw with a tilting rotary head, 5 simultaneous CNC axes and our “Multicup” pick and place vacuum lifter built in the spindle body, which carries out the following operations:

1 - primary sawing operations
2 - lifting and moving the work pieces in order to optimize the slab avoiding overcuts
3 - secondary and final operations (post shifting)
4 - execution of the slot cutting  for the reinforcement rods
5 - Internal and external corners, and hole coring using drill bit with automatic tool change

6 - unloading of the cut workpieces on A-frames
Since the machine performs all these operations unattended, the operator is available for other shop tasks.
Speed, Versatility, Slab Yield Management, Reliability and Efficiency with low maintenance and affordable cost of ownership.

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