Wednesday, 9 May 2012

SPECIAL Breton bridge saw Smart-Cut 800 Optima

Hello everybody,
Today I would like to talk about a custom-made bridge saw we specially produced for a customer who needed an "allround" machine, a real machining centre.
Starting from a standard Smart-Cut S/NC 800 Optima with belt work bench, we produced a SPECIAL machine provided with an additional bench for milling pockets on small blocks; this bench is positioned in front of the belt work bench and the runways of the Y axis are lengthened accordingly.
The bench for pocket milling slides on rails and is manually positioned by the operator, whereas an overhead crane loads and unloads the material.
The material incoming conveyor feeds the bridge saw at the same speed as the belt of the machine, and the head of the slab is sensed by a detection photocell (mounted at the forepart of the bench) so that the slab can be accurately positioned.
Machined pieces and relevant off-cuts are then moved to the mobile unloading conveyor.
Before unloading them, the operator may stick to the unfinished pieces an identification label generated by the printer installed beside the machine.
In this video, you can see the bridge saw cutting a slab placed on the belt work bench, and handling the pieces through the vacuum cups.
In this simulation, you can see how the Smart-Cut S/NC 800 Optima first cuts the slab into different pieces and moves them in order to make subsequent cuts thanks to vacuum cups (mounted around the disk) which pick and place the pieces, and then picks-up the drill bit to execute a pair of holes automatically.

In this short video, you can see Breton bridge saw while moving a piece through the vacuum cups, and cutting routings on its back-face.

And to finish, here you can see some photos showing the bridge saw Smart-Cut S/NC 800 Optima while operating.

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