Monday, 18 March 2013

Breton Smart-Cut 550 OPTIMA with belt work-bench

Let me introduce myself, I am Smart-cut S/NC 550 OPTIMA, a Breton newborn bridge saw with a very long and important name: let me show you what I can do.
Sergio is not in today, he is discussing about the latest software updates with the operator who follows me: he will shortly give you an exhaustive report about this
As you can see, I manage to do nearly everything by myself, so let’s start working right away!

All'opera allora!
1 - the operator placed a slab on the tilting roller conveyor and went away.

2 -I lower the slab and move it to the line
3 - now I must take a photo of the slab: CHEESE
4 -see how the slab is approaching my bench
5 - well, it’s my turn now: let’s start cutting.
6 -I’m really clever (I also shift the pieces once they are cut)
7 - and precise … Breton was really good at programming me.
8 - I can lift and move weights up to 400 kg, you know?
9 - That’s it! I’ve cut the slab into pieces as instructed.
10 - pieces are leaving my bench now
11 - and are ready to be unloaded
Not bad for a bridge saw, isn’t it?
As someone else says: … well, that’s all for today.
I was forgetting something important: click here for more INFO.

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