Thursday, 11 April 2013

Breton SHAPEMILL machining centre: today’s most profitable investment!

Hi everybody,
It’s been a while since I published something about Breton SHAPEMILL, the BEST 5-axes machining centre for stone.

ODONE ANGELO, our valued customer from Vercelli (Italy), sent me some photos and shots showing a “modern” marble statue that represents an embracing couple.

SHAPEMILL starts shaping roughly the marble block on the lathe using the disk.
Once the rough-hewing is completed, the finish job is accomplished by the tool.

 … and here is the completed statue!
Using the lathe, the results achieved by Breton SHAPEMILL marble and granite machining centre are simply amazing!  
Thanks to ODONE ANGELO and Alessandro for putting this material at our disposal.

See you next time.
Sergio Prior

10 commenti:

  1. How wonderful! Was the sculpture designed first using a 3D software program? If so, which?

  2. Hello Steve,
    The 3D software program was BretonSmartCAm MODELLING and LATHE.
    Sergio Prior

  3. Hello Anonymous,
    thank you for compliments
    Tomorrow you'll see other GOOD job!
    Sergio prior

  4. Wow, great article, I really appreciate your thought process and having it explained properly, thank you!

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  5. Dear Adam,
    thank you very much for compliment!
    I hope to write and show interesting INFO for stone world.
    Keep in touch!
    Sergio Prior

  6. es una verdadera obra de arte.-

  7. Es cierto. Es una obra de arte.
    Muchas gracias Anonymous

  8. Good, price for this machine?


  9. Hello Dieu,
    For price,please write to
    Best regards