Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Breton machines at 48th MARMOMACC 2013 Verona

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Once again, Breton will exhibit new machines for the NATURAL STONE and FABSHOP sectors at the 48th MARMOMACC in Verona.
- NEW CONTOURBRETON NC300 K26, available with the following useful working travels: “X” 3.800mm, “Y” 2.300mm and “Z” 300mm. 
Contourbreton NC300 K26
- SHAPEMILL NCF 1600, a numerical control shaping, profiling, cutting and turning centre with five interpolated axes. The vertical travel of 1.600mm makes it the ideal machine for architectural and funerary art components and for the execution of deep slots.

Shapemill NCF 1600
- SMART-CUT S/NC550 OPTIMA, a numerical control cutting and shaping centre with five interpolated axes, provided with a special cutting head with integrated vacuum cups for the slab cutting optimization through the piece movement on the fixed work bench
Smart-Cut S/NC 550 Optima
- GOLDBRETON 2000/6/V70: machine with diamond wires for sawing blocks of granite and marble.  
Goldbreton 2000

- NEW COMBICUT DJ/NC, a CNC control cutting centre with 4 or 5 axes, equipped with a diamond disk cutting unit and a Waterjet cutting unit.
Combicut DJ/NC

- Waterjet CLASSICA, a water jet cutting machine with 5 axes.
Classica 5 axes
- Breton will introduce the granite slab polisher Levibreton KG4000 PLUS at the Pavillion 5 - Stand C5.
Levibreton KG 4000 PLUS
and the 2-axes shaping machine BESTWIRE .

You will be mostly welcomed from 25 to 28 September at the 48th MARMOMACC, Pavillion 4 - Stand B6/C7 and Pavillion 5 - Stand C5.
Sergio Prior

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