Sunday, 13 October 2013

The Breton bridge saw Smart-Cut 1000 produced a copy of the White house Oval Office fireplace

Hello everyone,
Today I want to talk about a unique and prestigious accomplishment that makes me very happy.
L’The former U.S. President George W. Bush built the Presidential Library and Museum on the campus of the Southern Methodist University, in Dallas. The Presidential library and museum preserve and provide access to Presidential records and documents about the eight years he spent in the White House.
GWB Library & Museum
The Presidential Library and Museum inauguration took place at the end of April and on that occasion the main attraction was a full-sized White House Oval Office.
A photo of the replica Oval Office in the George W. Bush Presidential Center in Dallas. Photo courtesy of Rena Hardeman
The latest 5 U.S. presidents still alive attended the inauguration: Obama, Bush Jr., Clinton, Bush Sr. and Carter.
But let’s go straight to the point. In the White House Oval office there is a beautiful white marble fireplace. Our customer - RUGO STONE - 7953 Angleton Ct, Lorton, VA 22079, USA – made a copy of the fireplace by utilizing Breton bridge saw, the Smart-Cut 1000.
Below there are few fireplace pieces during their process manufacturing and as finished products.

Congratulations to RUGO STONE for the perfect fireplace copy.

To learn more or request a quote about Breton bridge saw Smart-Cut 1000 for marble and granite, click here.
Well, that’s all for today.
Sergio Prior

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  1. Bravo Sergio! Excellent article. Brett Rugo does some fantastic work with Breton equipment.

    -John Fallon

  2. Thanks John!
    I hope to write others articles with working pieces by Rugo Stone.
    Have a nice day.

  3. Note that the machine was actually a smartcut 1000.