Thursday, 21 November 2013

24 reasons to choose Breton SHAPEMILL 5-axis machining centre

That’s why many customers chose SHAPEMILL

1- Wide working travels
X 4.000mm / 157.5"
Y 2.800-5.500mm / 110-216.5"
Z 1.600mm / 63"

2 - High axes speed 
X=40 m/min / 1,574ipm
Y=40 m/min /  1,574ipm
Z=30 m/min/ 1.181ipm
3 - C axis rotation
The C axis rotation is ± 200°

4 - A axis rotation
From 0° to +115°

5 - Axes movements 
All axes movements are protected by bellows.

6 - Axis carriage X 
The X axis carriage is made from iron casting.

7 - X-Y and Z axes moving
on roller guides for maximum precision.

8 - Z Axis
provided with pneumatic balancing system.

9 - The transmission
of the beam movement (Y axis) and carriage (X axis) is driven by brushless-type motors coupled with precision reduction gears with no backlash; the pinion-and-rack coupling is realized on a special flange for the micrometric backlash adjustment.

10 - Beam and runways
Heavy-duty beam and runways ensuring very few vibrations and indeformability in the long run.

11 - 36 kW high-frequency spindle
with large sized bearings for maximum reliability over the time; the torque curve of the high-frequency spindle has been specially engineered in order to supply the maximum torque even when rotating slowly: this is an essential feature to exploit large diameter saw blades at most.

12 - Saw blade
diameter up to 1.000 mm / 39.4"

13 - The A and C axes head
is locked through an oil-pressure braking system to ensure working precision.

14 - Frontal protection barrier
with wide opening, mounted on stainless steel guides.

15 - Superior branded pneumatic and oil-pressure components, grouped in a dedicated cabinet.

16 - Carousel tool magazine with 27 cells.
17 - Lathe (accessorie)
Possibility of installing a lathe to execute columns up to 800mm (31.5") in diameter; the lathe is a controlled axis, interpolated with the axes of the machine.

18 - Brushless-type motors with digital encoder.

19 - CNC Siemens latest Siemens CNC Siemens (840D Solution Line) to control the axes movement and interpolation.

20 - 15-inch touch-screen monitor, 
mounted on articulated arm.

21 - Auxiliary push-button panel
with spiral cable for manual movements.

22 - Main push-button panel provided with joystick to easily move the axes.

23 - BretonCam 3D
software for 3-D programming.

24 - Software for simulating  work cycles  
This software has been developed to simulate Shapemill when working by dividing the machining centre into different parts: machine structure, axes, spindle, tool-store, tools.The software imports the file generated by the CAM program (ISO code) for the piece to be machined and simulates the entire machining cycle, thus detecting any possible impact which may occur.
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