Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Christopher le Brun’s marble ‘Maro’ wing sculpture debuts at Chatsworth House

Lapicida has collaborated with an increasingly diverse collection of designers and artists to create one-off pieces that have attracted international acclaim. In the latest collaboration, Lapicida has realized ‘Maro’ a sculpture for Christopher le Brun.

Christopher le Brun is a painter, sculptor, printmaker and the 26th President of the Royal Academy. As Maro demonstrates, much of his recent work has a strong attachment to the imagery and emotional address of Romanticism and Symbolism.

Maro’ is a challenging piece in terms of both its design and production. From Lapicida’s point of view, the Breton CNC Shapemill was the one technology capable of sculpting this majestic 2.5-tonne, 5-metre high wing. 

Created in five pieces, 25 days of sculpting by the CNC shaping mills computer-controlled diamond tipped drill head were required to form Maro.                      A further 6 weeks of hand-finishing by two of Lapicida’s expert craftsmen gave this impressive sculpture the perfect finish that is immediately apparent on viewing.
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