Thursday, 23 April 2015

Demo machine Breton Combicut DJ/NC - Bridge saw with diamond saw blade and Waterjet

Avant-garde bridge saw equipped with a cutting unit prearranged to hold a diamond saw blade and a head for water cutting (waterjet). It is a numerical control machine, with 4 controlled axes and 3 interpolated axes, specially engineered to carry out the optimized cut of polygons (even with curvilinear parts) on slabs of marble, granite, compound stone and suchlike, ensuring waste minimization.
It is possible to alternate the diamond saw blade and the waterjet cutting system at will, according to the cutting program.
Conforming to the 2006/42/CE Machinery Directive.

The machine is supplied complete with:
1 - System to acquire the slab image through digital camera installed on the machine 
2 - Pair of lateral steel shoulders for the sliding of the spindle-holding beam, replacing the concrete walls
3 - Motorized inclination of the saw blade from 0° to 90° actuating the hand-wheel.


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  1. such a nice blog about bridge saw blades. Thanks for sharing

  2. That is not your average everyday sawing equipment.Ideally, if money was not an issue, I can see a lot of handymen getting a tool like this, especially since it has a water cutting function. As I see it, saw blades and standard sawing machines are the way to go for the average Joe.

    Eric |