Thursday, 17 December 2015

Guaranteed gains with the 5-axes machining centre Breton Contourfive + lathe!

Breton Contourfive NC 700
If you're looking for a 5-axes machining center with its own lathe to produce columns, capitels, vases, sculpture and architectural pieces for restauration work?
You've come to the right place!
The Breton Contourfive is a machining centre with 5 interpolated axes specifically designed for workshops producing pieces made from natural and engineered stone. 

It is ideal for restauration work.
Breton Contourfive NC 1000

Thanks to its vertical travel of 700/1000/1200mm (27.6/39.4/47.2"), Breton Contourfive is the ideal machine for architectural and funerary art as well as for those processing which require a deep dishing out; it therefore offers the users the possibility of performing different and complex machining operations which would otherwise require several machines:
• shaping utilising the saw blade to get large pieces with complex shape.
shaping and dishing out utilising millers.
contouring utilising shaping tools.
sawing utilising the saw blade.
turning of columns with shaped profiles or machining of columns to create a twisted effect all along the surface (provided the lathe accessory is purchased)
Breton Contourfive NC 1200

Today in fact, after putting together some photographic material, I wanted to show you the rich range of applications the Contourfive + lathe offers for natural stone, marble, granite, engineered stone and limestone, etc



The Breton Contourfive 5 axis CNC stone working centre's lathe can turn workpieces with the following dimensions:
- max. turning diameter = 960mm (37.8") or 1,600mm (63")
- max. workpiece length = 3,200mm (126").

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Sergio Prior

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