Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Margraf's Shapemill 5-axis machining centre by Breton at work on a modillion

Greetings to all,

Today I'd like to show you how Margraf, our long-standing customer from Chiampo (Vicenza), has created a large number of modillions, ornate stone brackets designed to support a cornice or balcony.

Clearly the machine employed for this type of process is the famous 5-axis Breton Shapemill, which is well known to all who follow this blog.
The following few photographs show some of the machining stages required to produce a modillion.

Click on the following links to view more stunning components created on Margraf's Shapemill machining centre:
- Monument
- Bathtub   
- Helical column
- Miscellaneous operations
- Turning operations

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