Wednesday, 23 November 2016

With the Waterjet Hydrofinish there is no limits for marble and granite surfaces!

Hydrofinish from the Waterjet Corporation is an innovative accessory for finishing. It works on the stone material surface by using a high-pressure water jet.

This process allows the stone to remain the original color, gives the ability to select the degree of roughness that will best suit the intended application, and having this surface treatment applied to any stone thickness. 
There are just a few of the advantages the process offers.

The degree of erosion, achieved through the various pressures available, create different surface finishes which become even more unique and eye-catching, thanks to the colorful patterns of natural stone.

How the WATERSTONE® Technology works
The WaterStone™   technology is the most ecological and easy-to-operate surfaces texturing process:
- further processing is not needed.
- It doesn 't produce mechanical and thermal deformation.
- It is easy to operate because the same tools and the same conditions can be used with the majority of materials

All the above allows reduction of manufacturing time and costs in every sector. Also, thanks to the PLC database that provides with a simple click a customized work plan for any material and thickness, with a simple click

Four important elements define the degree of roughness:
- Working Pressure.

- Height of nozzle.
- Working trolley and nozzle speed.

The perfect combination of these four parameters will create a variey of smooth textures on the surface of the stone with different results for each specific material.

• Exaltation of the natural color of the material (no yellowing)
• Variation of the roughness finish
• Environmentally friendly process that is smoke, pollution and heat free
• Any material thickness (> 10 mm.) texturing process.


The Hydrofinish accessory can be installed on the Classica or on any other waterjet machines in the range of Waterjet Corporation.

If you are interested in the Hydrofinish accessory of Waterjet Corporation, you can receive all the necessary information and a quotation by writing to

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