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Breton Smart-Cut 550 OPTIMA - 5 axis CNC bridge saw with built-in vacuum lifting

Breton Smart-Cut 550 OPTIMA is an interpolated axis NC cutting and profiling machining centre. It is equipped with twist head and fixed worktable and is designed to offer multiple machining operations which would otherwise require several different machines.

Machining operations include: slab cutting, block profiling, recess machining, engraving, drilling, etc., using a diamond disc or drilling tools.

The machine is equipped with a pick-up unit with suction cups used to lift and space out the pieces for cut optimization, and move the pieces in order to work out the engravings for the rods.

Upon specific request, the bench can be supplied with a tilt-top. 
Model S/NC 550B, part of this range of machining centres, comes supplied with a motorized conveyor belt for facilitating workpiece loading and unloading operations.

Structural features and functions.
• Latest generation SIEMENS 840 SL digital NC.
• High-speed and precision in movements along axes X, Y, Z thanks to the use of brushless digital motor technology with an absolute encoder.
• Spindle holder carriage in cast-iron ensures rigidity and vibration damping.

• The beam is moved by a precision rack and pinion system driven by a brushless digital motor.

• The spindle travels on recirculating roller skids driven by a brushless digital motor ensuring precision and rigidity.
• The spindle travels on guides fitted with a recirculating roller assembly driven by a ball screw assembly with a preloaded ball nut.
• All guides are protected and greased.
• Twist head with ± 190° rotation on axis “C” and 0° to 90° rotation on axis “A”.

• Tilting cutting disc which is motorised and can be programmed in any position between 0° to 90° offering the possibility of step cutting (with continuous head rotation).

• User friendly software and touch-screen colour monitor mounted to a control panel, joystick controls for moving the various axes.
• Laser tracer for displaying cutting path.

Programming and management system• The machine is operated and programmed from a “touch-screen” colour monitor installed on a practical hanging control console which is easy to move and can be rotated.
• The machine is controlled and managed from the CNC PC with Windows XP operating system.
• The operational and management control software utilize the Windows environment to its full potential, but are also user-friendly and can be easily interfaced with the user’ system.
• The colour “touch-screen” monitor enables an easy and fast machine programming.
• All electronic and electric components are manufactured by the world’s leading producers to ensure spare parts are easily sourced in the event of a system failure, and technical assistance is available at a world level.
• The machine is equipped with a simple portable push-button panel to control its major functions in order to both operate the machine in the manual mode and make easier some operations to be carried out within the working area.

Breton Multi-Touch, the user interface everyone was waiting for

Breton Multi-Touch is the user interface for managing the Apps that enable the marble technologist to process slab products.
Breton Multi-Touch is installed on the machine, in a control panel with multi-touch colour monitor, and allows to program straight away the machining operations in a simple and intuitive way.
Users are guided throughout their work since the Apps describe step by step the different development stages of the product, from drawing to processing
Slab Editoris the App that, controlling the digital camera installed on the machine, enables to acquire the slab image and draw its perimeter and defects by simply finger touching them on the multi-touch monitor
The slab is saved in a database containing its whole story: to which job order the slab is assigned, which are the pieces produced, what is the slab classification, etc.
Even lacking the digital camera, it is however possible to define the slab useful area by entering the detected dimensions

Once the slab parameters are defined, the "Cut Scheme" App arranges the cutting scheme in the best possible way either through the automatic nesting or manually entering with a simple finger Multi-Touch the pieces which can be moved , rotated or coupled with other pieces thanks to the automatic snap. At this stage, the arranged scheme is automatically analyzed and optimized.

The "Cut Move Editor" App calculates the cutting sequence and the different handling operations needed for its execution. This App controls the vacuum cups of the casing and activates only those which are needed to pick up the template safely and precisely.

The most demanding user can also modify the cutting sequence and relevant handling operations by finger dragging portions of slab or selecting the cuts required as if the machine was an extension of his hand.

With the "Shape Editor" App it's finally possible to draw using just a finger; this App is a multi-touch CAD installed on the machine and is used to import files, draw templates and design tops by means of practical parametric shapes.

Slab Selector” is an intuitive and simple to use App for managing the slab database and preview, search and select the slab photos.

DB Orders” is the App for managing the order database; here it is possible to see which are the pieces to produce and the required materials, and select the slabs to be used.

Each App is provided with a Multimedia Help assisting the user in a practical and efficient way.

Shortly, Breton Multi-Touch will also offer access to the "Maintenance and Parts" App, the interactive mode to log into the operating and maintenance handbook.

With the standard software, the machine carries out the following operations:

Manual execution of single cuts

The machine operating in manual mode is very simple, rapid, intuitive and easy to approach even for non-experienced operators which have no knowledge in electronics. 
The operator is simply required to place the disc exactly where the cut has to start and press the "Start Cutting" push-button: the machine will execute the cut automatically following the direction of the disc up to its maximum travel.
The operator may adjust such a limit by pressing the "Stop Cutting" pushbutton whenever he wants.

Manual cutting of rectangular or polygonal pieces

The manual execution of single cuts and/or pieces is very simple, rapid and intuitive thanks to the use of "macros" (typical pieces whose dimensions can be changed at will). The piece positioning and orientation can be executed either through the machine's axes, or by directly positioning the piece to be machined on the video.
This operation becomes still easier if the machine is equipped with the accessory "FOTO2035" (installed on the machine) allowing to use directly the slab image

Automatic cutting of polygonal pieces
In this mode, the machine cuts the slabs into polygonal pieces in a fully automated cycle. Polygonal pieces to be produced can be either drawn on the video or imported from DXF files.

BretonSmartCam EVOLUTION

Software for the drawing and programming (CAD/CAM) of cutting centres with 3 interpolated axes CAD/CAM software to draw and program complex stone workpieces, for cutting centres with three interpolated axes.

The CAM module allows to carry out the following major functions:
• cutting of slabs with saw blade
• profiling, rough-hewing and trimming with saw blade
• exterior/interior shaping of small blocks with saw blade
• 3D engraving of Windows "True Type" fonts on flat surfaces only
• execution of vertical walled pockets using conventional tools
• profiling with finger bit
• hole drilling

The CAD module allows to carry out the following major functions:
• generation of 2D drawings with relevant dimensions
• determination of the 3D working volume of the piece
• determination of any working plane inside the generated 3D volume
• management of a 2D drawing created on the selected working plane, no matter how it is oriented in the space
• import of drawings in DXF and DWG format from external CAD or template detectors.

• positioning of the pieces to be produced directly on the image of the slab, so as to utilize its surface to the full
• automatic programming and display of the vacuum cup arrangement on the worktable
• interface with the software of a possible laser projector for arranging the vacuum cups on the worktable
• interface with the software of a possible bas-relief digitizer
• generation of 3D models of the pieces
• import of surfaces and solid models in IGES, STL, STEP and 3DM format
• generation of surfaces and bas-reliefs from image processing
• generation of 2D drawings of vanity and kitchen tops, whose dimensions are set starting from a basic template.

The 3D SOLID SIMULATION module allows:
• to check any possible tool-piece and/or tool-machine collision
• to calculate the raw material remaining after the machining
The software operates in a Windows environment, is intuitive and user-friendly.

N.B. The software features may be limited by the technological and operational features of the machine.

Expansion software for “profiling billets according to geometrically complex shapes”

This expansion software enables to profile billets utilizing a vertical or horizontal “comb” technique with diamond saw blade, according to geometrically complex surfaces.
The shape of the profile to be obtained is directly programmed on the machine utilizing a simplified CAD program (fitting out the machine), or it may be imported from a remote PC. The shape of the billet to be profiled and its shaping are displayed on the “touchscreen” monitor.
Since the machine can operate with interpolated axes, it is possible to create pieces with complex spatial shapes as well. (ON REQUEST)


Breton patented "SOFT SYSTEM"
Shock absorbers with safety sensor are added to the pick-and-place device for higher anti-collision protection; as a consequence, the workpiece clamp and release operations are damped.
Moreover, the pressure the vacuum cups apply to the workpiece decreases.
This system is recommended when processing fragile and not perfectly homogeneous materials.

Digital colour photo of the slab
The machine can be fit with a digital camera as an optional accessory, which reproduces a true colour image of the slab to be cut on the “touch-screen” monitor installed on the machine, or on a remote PC.
Utilizing the mouse, the operator traces out any defect on the slab surface and the slab perimeter, and then positions the pieces to be cut within the slab template, thus optimizing the slab surface area.

If the machine is supplied with the expansion software for optimizing the slab surface area and work order management (optional accessory), the optimization is carried out automatically.
The digital image reproduction of the slab to be processed, the tracing out of both the defects and the slab perimeter and the slab yield optimization are operations which are all managed whilst the previous slab is still being machined

Steel frame also available
Inclined slab support top, off the machine
Tilting worktable
Unit to execute the "rodding"
Slab thickness probe for 45° disc cutting operations
Unit to execute the "rodding"
Tool-changer for drills and drill-cores
Remote machine management and control
Barcode scanner
Label printer for printing barcodes

PC station + printer of labels with relevant bar code

The PC and the colour monitor, is housed in a sheet metal cabinet, while the keyboard and mouse are placed on the bolster, under the monitor. Labels must be glued manually to the pieces.


Technical specifications 

For any questions and detailed information, write to we will answer you in a short time.

Thank you for the attention.
See you soon!Sergio Prior

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