Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Breton ContourFive - the present and the future of ornamental sculpture

The natural stone manufacturing technology – marble and granite – has made strides over the last years thanks to 5-axis working centers, allowing to obtain complex architectural products that were not conceivable until a few years ago.

Thanks to its vertical travel of 700/1200 mm, Breton CONTOURFIVE is the ideal machine for architectural and funerary art as well as for those processing which require a deep dishing out; It therefore offers the users the possibility of performing different and complex machining operations wich would otherwise require several machines: 
  • shaping utilising the saw blade to get large pieces with complex shape. 
  • shaping and dishing out utilising millers. 
  • contouring utilising shaping tools. 
  • sawing utilising the saw blade. 
  • turning of columns with shaped profiles or machining of position for the saw blade to create a twisted effect all along the surface. 

The software "Breton SmartCam MODELLING" has been developed to simulate the Breton CONTOURFIVE when working by dividing the machining centre into different parts: 
- machine structure, 
- axes, 
- spindle, 
- tool-store, 
- tools. 

 The software imports the file generated by the CAM program (ISO code) for the piece to be machined and simulates the entire machining cycle, thus detecting any possible impact which may occur. The software is installed in the pc of the buyer.

This is what a Breton ContourFive 5-axis working center can do:


The accessory "Store for saw blade" allows taking/storing automatically the bladewith a maximum diameter of 1000mm. The advantages are the reduction of troughs and the automation of the whole process.

With the accessory "Lathe" is possible to produce columns and twisted effect details with workable sizes: max. diameter 960/ max. length 3200mm.

The opportunity to obtain architectural elements reducing production time, material waste and marginal error makes this machinery a must – have for all manufacturers.
At the same time, the advantage for the final costumer is to have a 360° customizable product , requiring less time and money than those required by a craftsman.

Breton Contourfive gives you the chance to turn any idea into reality.

For more information and prices, on the 5-axes stone working center Breton Contourfive, contact mail@breton.it.
We’ll get back to you promptly.

Thank you for the attention and best regards.

Sergio Prior

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