Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Contourbreton NC 300 EVO - NEW accessories FREEPASS and EASYLOCK

When you buy a new Countorbreton NC 300 and NC 300 EVO, you always have a wide range of opportunities to personalize it to improve its use and adapt it to your needs and desires.
Choosing the Contourbreton with ROBOCUP bench will allow you to use special Robocup passive suction cups that do not require a power supply. This system will provide the necessary suction directly from the bench based on the position of the cups, without the need for tubes or manual taps.(EASYLOCK).

You can choose whether your operator, guided by a laser projector, can place the suction cup on the right position or you can deliver the suction cup to the machine that will place it in the desired position, or let the machine operate in full autonomy.
The only thing your Contourbreton will ask is that you have washed your bench after you've unloaded the previously finished pieces.

In case of serial production orders of countertops that requires the same dimensions, you can equip your Contourbreton with EASYLOCK.

This system consists of a fixed suction cup bar located on the back of the machine, and a second one on the front, with micrometric adjustment.

When the workpiece width changes, it is sufficient to move the micrometric bar with its suction cups by simply deactivating or activating the suction cups mounted, which will slide the bar with the help of two perpendicular rails.

If you'd like to receive a quotation about FREEPASS or EASYLOCK please feel free to write to
We'll get back to you straight away!

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Sergio Prior

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