Thursday, 25 March 2010

FABCENTER + FABCAM = The One Machine Solution

The Breton FABCENTER is a multifunction DIGITAL workcenter for fabricating countertops to completion, with the most minimal labor and maximum manageability.

Employing our new revolutionary software Breton FABCAM, the operator can choose to design the various components of the projectvery simply dragged and dropped over automatically scaled photographs of the slabs selected for the job, taken using the industrial grade camera system provided.
With Breton FABCAM your layout is your cutting program.
The results of the assembled project are displayed at the PC monitor in High resolution as a 3 dimensional dynamic rendering including edge detail of the finished pieces where adjacent pieces are recomposed as a unit. This system allows extremely precise vein matching.

The entire cutting process is previewed using a 3D simulator showing a model of the machine running and the material being processed as programmed. The system will identify and alarm for points of collision and impact.
Breton stands in the market with a wide range of bridge saws, CNC working centres with 5 interpolated axis and numerical control machines to satisfy all the needs of the present-day marble workers.

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