Tuesday, 16 March 2010

A precision range

Breton turns to marble workshops its offer for Fabshop Machines, which includes a wide selection of bridge saws, profiling machines, shaping centres with several controlled axes, edge polishers and multipurpose solutions, each one specially conceived and developed to meet the most demanding customers' needs, whatever their requirements.An outstanding solution in this offer is unquestionably the new Contourbreton NC 600 profiling machine. Compact, ergonomic, aesthetically attractive, it is available in two different models which differ as to workbench dimensions and "Y" axis travels, yet are equally capable to ensure a machining top precision thanks to their structural rigidity, even when subjected to heavy stresses.Contourbreton NC 600 features a mobile beam structure offering a sizable room for manoeuvre for the loading and unloading operations, is equipped with sliding doors that can be manually opened and have an accident-prevention and sound-deadening function, and houses both a wide and easily accessible workbench with slots for fixing mechanically the pieces to be machined, and a carrousel tool-store with 32 cells.The planning strategy underlying these machines attached great importance to each single structural component that typifies them; such components have been specially tailored so as to ensure superior resistance, productivity and safety. Here under some of the most interesting ones:
- powerful electrospindle cooled by electric refrigerator;
- digitally-controlled motors;
- tool cooling system with both inside and outside water feeding;
- spindle vertical travel of 600 mm, with a distance between spindle nose and worktable of 750 mm, which enables dishing operations on small blocks;
- vacuum circuit with frontal external controls;
- rapid shifts up to 60 m/min;
- HSK-B80 tool taper;
- exclusive software for polishing horizontal and inclined tops;
- Siemens Sinumerik 840D SL CNC control unit;
- control board placed inside a pendant and swivelling console, which includes keyboard, colour touch-screen and USB port and whose functions can be "duplicated" through a portable button strip that is cable-linked to the console;
- service electrical equipment housed in cabinets with IP 54 protection rating;
- modem or Ethernet connection for the on-line connection with Breton, to enable the remote diagnosis thus reducing dramatically the time required to remove any possible malfunction.

Make way for optional accessories !
Besides the specific software consisting of high-performance and easy-to-understand CAM based on parametric macros, which can be modelled off-line to execute machining operations following those underway, optimize the work cycles and draw up accurate production statistics, the following optional accessories are also available:
- contact meter with radio transmission, detecting the real spatial position of the tops to be machined 
- laser positioning device, showing the exact point where the operators must fix the vacuum cups to the bench
- laser projector, projecting the outline of both the pieces to be produced and the single vacuum cups to be arranged on the worktable surface  
- laser touch probe to control the tool profile, diameter and length
- device for the "C" axis continuous rotation, enabling to use the cutting unit with vertical saw blade to carry out rectilinear cuts, convex saw blade to carry out curvilinear cuts, or 45° saw blade to carry out inclined cuts

- 90° milling head to perform engravings or milling works on the side of small blocks 
- special head performing rabbets with constant depth 
- inclinable spindle, which can be manually adjusted from -5° to +5°, to carry out the inclined stock removal
- vacuum cups with mechanical locking 
- worktop made of aluminium alloy and double-effect vacuum cups
- 3D "laser scanner" optic precision system and relevant software, enabling to detect the shape and dimensions of the pieces to be copied without any contact, and to program the appropriate machining by simulating the final result 
- head to make drips
- double tool taper, which allows to use two overlapped tools for producing profiles up to 3 cm
- kits required to realize the sink hole with 90° sharp corner and polished inside edge  

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