Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Diamond drill, diamond blade or Breton Smart-Cut S/NC 800?

Breton Smart-Cut S/NC 800 is a cutting and shaping centre with five interpolated axes and head inclinable at 90° and revolving from 0° to 380°, suitable to hold a saw blade with diameter up to 800 mm.
Smart-Cut S/NC 800 is designed to perform multiple and complex machining operations which otherwise would require several machines:
- cuts blocks and slabs into workpieces
- mounts a cutting disc for profiling blocks to obtain complex workpieces
- mounts milling tools for creating recesses and for workpiece profiling

ISO 40 tool coupling on the cutting spindle to use millers and diamond drills.
Precise and fast thanks to the brushless motors and guides with rolling components.
Easy to use thanks to the user-friendly interface.
Ideal for any type of machining, whether small or large productions, either for simple or complex shaping.
High-grade: Siemens 840SL CNC, Siemens digital brushless motors, precision racks, 15" touch-screen colour monitor, Windows XP operative system.
Wide range of available accessories: tilt table, belt table, digital camera, software for shaping small blocks.

Breton stands in the market with a wide range of bridge saws, CNC working centres with 5 interpolated axis and numerical control machines to satisfy all the needs of the present-day marble workers.
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