Friday, 4 February 2011

Altar machining with Breton Shapemill

Our customer Odone Angelo sent us some pictures and videos about the machining of the details of a wonderful alter.

The details have been made with the 5-axes machining centre Shapemill NCF 1100/2T


ShapeMill is a machine specially engineered for workshops producing pieces made from natural and composite stone, such as tanks, columns, bas-reliefs, capitals, banisters, sculptures, etc., and is particularly suitable for restoration works.

Shapemill is a CNC milling centre designed for :
- shaping of blocks or billets utilising a saw blade to obtain large size workpieces with complex shape
- shaping and creating recesses utilising milling tools
- contouring utilising shaped tools
- cutting slabs and billets into workpieces utilising a saw blade
- turning of columns with shaped profiles or machining of columns to create a twisted effect all along the surface.

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