Monday, 28 February 2011

Turning jobs performed by Shapemill

Some time ago, MARGRAF - our customer from Chiampo in the province of Vicenza, who is well-known worldwide in the natural stone processing field - was in need of a reliable, heavy-duty and fast machine for producing special items such as columns, balustrades, sinks, fountains and other architectural components. Shapemill carries out restoration works as well.

MARGRAF struck its target purchasing a Shapemill machining centre equipped with a lathe.

In fact, using the optional lathe, this Breton machine is ideal also for producing funerary art workpieces, such as tombstone, balustrades and columns.
As you can realize looking at the photos and video hereunder,  Shapemill is suitable to perform any possible type of shaping with disk, profiling with shaped tools, turning of shaped profiles or bas-relief machining.
Shapemill was specially designed to process natural and compound stone for the production of handicrafts, chiefly consisting of marble lanterns, basins, mouldings, pedestals, capitals... in practice, a machine capable of sculpting a veritable statue

Shapemill is a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machining centre, which is good for cutting, engraving and shaping stone using five interpolated axes and a fixed worktable: different machining jobs, one machine.

Special thanks to MARGRAF for the provided materal.

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