Thursday, 14 April 2011

Smart-Cut S/NC 550 - Bridge saw cnc with rotating head and 5 interpolated axis

SMART-CUT S/NC 550 is a CNC cutting and profiling machining centre. It is equipped with a rotating head and fixed worktable and is designed to accomplish multiple machining operations which would otherwise require several different machines or other time consuming manual interventions requiring multiple movements of the material.

The SNC 550’s capabilities include: slab cutting, block profiling, recess machining, engraving, drilling and more, using a diamond disc, core drill, or specialty bit.
In a typical configuration, the bench can be supplied with a hydraulic tilting top for ease of loading and unloading the machine.

The S/NC 550B,  which is the next model up in the range, comes supplied with a motorized conveyor belt which allows loading and unloading of the pieces to happen outside of the machining envelope, to minimize non cutting time and maximize throughput.

Easy, quick, user-friendly and wizard guided programming.
SMART-CUT S/NC 550 is supplied with our purposely designed BretonSmartCam software - SAW version -  developed for managing cutting disc and core drill. 
Programming is easy, quick, user-friendly and complete with wizard guide. This software is perfectly compatible with the Windows environment and is developed to facilitate programming and learning.  

The BretonSmartCam is  installed at the operator console and can also be installed on a remote PC. This software uses parametric macros, manages and controls machining tools, optimizes machining cycles and manages production data and statistics. Whilst the machine is running a program, the operator can proceed with preparing the next production program.
The Breton Smartcam software version SAW, allowing to carry out the following major functions:
• cutting of slabs with saw blade,
• profiling, scabbling and trimming of small blocks with saw blade,
• outer/inner shaping of small blocks with saw blade,
• 3D engraving of Windows "True Type" fonts on flat surfaces only,
• drilling.

It is provided with a 2D CAD that allows:
to realize any possible 2D drawing with relevant dimensions
to define the 3D volume of work of the piece
to define any plane within the generated 3D volume of work
to manage the 2D drawing realized on the selected working plane, no matter how it is oriented in the space
to import drawings in .DXF and .DWG format from external CAD or template sensors
to place the pieces to be realized directly on the slab to be machined, so as to utilize its surface at most.

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