Friday, 11 March 2011

Smartcut OPTIMA – 5 axis bridge saw with built-in vacuum lifting, core drilling, and rodding saw

In recent years, the technology used in marble shops has sped up to a pace like never seen before.​​​
Whereas marble shops started off with a simple bridge saw twenty years ago, modern fabricators entering the market nowadays are trending towards highly automated equipment to meet the efficiency and quality requirements of a maturing customer base and a very competitive business environment.
To meet these requirements in many cases, CNC/digital technology is being put to task.
Throughout our 47 year history, Breton has developed a core competency to answer the needs of our industry providing reliable, heavily constructed, flexible and technologically advanced equipment to fabrication companies wishing to capture and maintain market share while maximizing profitability.
This short video is  an overview of our own evolution, starting with our earliest saws to our latest model utilizing the  most advanced technology available today.
Twenty-five years ago, bridge saws were equipped with just one fixed saw blade and their table was rotated manually.
Today, in 2011, BRETON offers Smartcut OPTIMA: a 5 axis CNC Bridge Saw, equipped with a rotating head and a vacuum cup embedded in the spindle body, which enables the user to:
1 -  to perform a cut        
2 -  to move the piece for the slab optimization
3 -  to perform secondary cuts post movement.
4 -  to perform slotting operations for reinforcement rods.
5 -  to employ coring drills and  other specialty tools in the automatic mode.

The machine performs all these operations unattended, hence the operator is free to simultaneously perform other important tasks. 
This is just another milestone along our way, and we owe much of our evolution to your suggestions, criticisms and support.

We thank you for the opportunity to share our experience with you, and as always we welcome your feedback. Enjoy!

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