Thursday, 16 June 2011

Breton Smartcut Optima - The future is already here

Only Breton's technology offers a comprehensive bridge saw like the Smartcut S/NC Optima.
No other machine can perform drilling operations and routings on the piece back-face for the reinforcing rods, besides cutting, shifting and unloading the workpieces; all this while working unattended, in a fully automatic mode



3 - CUTTING again

4 - RODDING for the reinforcing rods

5 - DRILL with automatic drill change

6 - UNLOADING of the cut pieces on a A-frame

There are two models of Smartcut Optima to choose from: S/NC 550 Optima and S/NC 800 Optima.
Besides being equipped with a more powerful spindle (26.5 kW), the
S/NC 800 Optima can use a cup miller, whis is fixed to a ISO 40 taper screwed on the spindle.
Furthermore, replacing the guard with vacuum cups with a standard one, the
S/NC 800 Optima can also be equipped with a saw blade 800 mm in diameter.

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