Thursday, 16 June 2011

Contourbreton Quartz - New Breton stone router

The brand new Contourbreton Quartz: compact, ergonomic, with an appealing design, this machine is the ultimate in flexibility and user-friendliness for the production of kitchen, vanity and table tops, etc., always ensuring a top-notch machining precision.                                
Contourbreton Quartz is available with useful working travels of 3.200mm ("X"), 1.650mm ("Y") and 300mm ("Z").
The static tool-store holds 24 tools and is easily accessible from outside of the work area even when the machine is running. A 12-cell additional tool-store is available on request in order to have 36 cells in all.
The following accessories can be installed on the tool-store of the Contourbreton QUARTZ:
1 - Cutting unit with convex blade for curvilinear cuts
2 - Head for milling sink drainers
3 - 90° head for cutting sink holes
4 - 90° head forpolishing wheel with magnetic coupling
5 - Cutting unit with 45° angled cutting disc
6 - Special head for undercuts

Siemens 840SL computer numerical control (CNC), capable of interpolating more axes, with optimization of the paths. Provided the machine is equipped with the accessory for spindle inclination, the numerical control is supplied with a device controlling the current drawn by the spindle when inclined tops are polished. Control console equipped with 15" colour touch-screen.    

The large and easy accessible worktable of Contourbreton QUARTZ is manufactured from a single block of Metalquartz.
The CAD/CAM BretonSmartCam MILL software to draw and program complex stone workpieces, allowing to carry out the following major functions:
- cutting and shaping with saw blade
- shaping, profiling, drilling, milling and hollowing out with miller or shaped tools
- polishing of tops (even inclined)
- milling and polishing of grooves on tops (even inclined)
- 3D engraving of Windows "True Type" fonts on flat surfaces only
- bas-reliefs imported from digitized surfaces

The software operates in a Windows environment, is easy-to-understand and user-friendly. It is provided with parametric macros enabling to execute drawings in a simplified way starting from standard parametric models.
It is also provided with a 2D CAD allowing:
- to realize any possible 2D drawing with relevant dimensions
- to import drawings in .DXF and .DWG format from external CAD or template sensors
- to place the pieces to be realized directly on the slab to be machined, so as to utilize its surface at most
- to program automatically and display the arrangement of the vacuum cups on the worktable
- to interface with the software a possible laser projector for arranging the vacuum cups on the worktable
- to interface with the software a possible bas-relief digitizer

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