Thursday, 5 July 2012

A bridge saw that makes your work easier.

Nowadays, if you want to outperform your competitors you must adopt simple and innovative solutions, which make your work easier and faster yet ensuring QUALITY and RELIABILITY.

Breton Smart-Cut OPTIMA with belt table is the ideal bridge saw and 5-axes machining centre specially designed for the fab shop of marble masons.
Breton conceived this bridge saw to give your work the competitive advantage in the marketplace now and long in the future.
As you certainly know, achieving high levels of production versatility and using ground-breaking technologies that are beneficial to operational costs, time and space, means to meet your customers’ needs and, at the same time, solve those everyday problems which are often met when working.

Production cycle
1 - The slab is placed on the belt conveyor that feeds the bridge saw at the same speed of the machine belt. 
2 -A digital camera installed over the infeed conveyor takes a picture of the slab automatically;
a photocell placed at the front of the bench senses the head of the slab thus enabling its correct positioning on the bench.
3 -The digital picture appears on the monitor of the console where the operator may position properly the pieces to be cut (acquiring them from the DXF file) and decide the cutting sequence

4 -  The bridge saw starts the cutting cycle moving the cut pieces through some vacuum cups (arranged all around the disk) in order to optimize the cutting of the subsequent pieces
5 - With Smart-Cut OPTIMA you can either cut routings on the piece back-face where reinforcing rods will be applied to strengthen it (rodding) or make holes with a drill bit in a fully automatic mode.
 6 - Cut pieces and off-cuts are transferred onto the mobile unloading belt at the back of the bridge saw.
7 - Before unloading the semi-finished products, the operator may stick an identifying label printed by the printer mounted on one side of the machine (on request). 
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Sergio Prior

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  1. Breton conceived this bridge saw to give your work the competitive advantage
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