Friday, 13 July 2012

New bridge saw Easycut FE 600 EVOLUTION

The new bridge saw Easycut FE 600 EVOLUTION is indeed the evolution of the Easycut FE 600

What does it offer more than the FE 600? 
Let’s see . . .

1 - NEW mobile button panel with 7" colour touch-screen, that can be transferred inside the working area for the alignment of the beam with the cut-tracing laser; the button panel is prearranged to operate using both millimetres and inches.

2 - Simultaneous movement of the X-Y axes, which are controlled by inverter and en-coder.

- Machining of profiles and polygons
3a - Management of polygons
In this mode, it is possible to draw the piece to be realized directly on the machine. In the machining stage, the position of the saw blade will be the origin the profile. 
3b - Management of profiles
In this mode, it is possible to draw the desired profile directly on the machine by entering both the rough-machining and finishing parameters. In the machining stage, the position of the saw blade will be the origin the profile.

- Setting of the machine parameters.
5 - Semiautomatic single cut.
6 - 100 different, programmable sequences of longitudinal cuts.
 7 - Automatic rapid and intuitive orthogonal cuts.

8 - It is possible to store up to 100 different sequences of longitudinal cuts
 9 - Possibility of drawing the desired piece directly on the machine,

10- Inverter for the stepless variation of the blade motor rotation speed.

- "Profile/Polygon Importer" software to import DXF files through a SD card.

- Drawing optoelectronic copier    This accessory allows to sense and acquire a drawing which is then stored by the numerical control and can be used time and again.

What do you think about it?
Sergio Prior

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  1. Fantastic presentation of the truly remarkable features!

    Great job Sergio!

  2. Thank you very much Steven.

    I hope that my work is usefull for who read me

    have a nice day

  3. Its a great much is the fob price for the fe 600 new contact is mail from Ghana.

  4. hello ,
    i asked for the price of the fe 600 and other series of the bridge saw cutting machines.
    i also need a quote for a polishing line for granites and marble products.please indicate the cost fo installation for a plant in Ghana.
    mu contact is :

    1. Yakuba,
      I apologize for the delay for you.

      I suggest going to
      Next in the top right is the ability for the page to changed to one which you are comfortable reading. The right side of the page is about stone processing. The saw is under machines for fab shops. You will find a catalog, and you can also request a sales agent to contact you.
      Here is a link.

  5. hi
    plz. h want to know all technical data of the saw or plz. send to me the technical manual to be able to take my decision

  6. Hello Mr. Amr Sakr,
    could uou please write to for info and price
    Best regards,
    Sergio Prior
    Marketing Manager
    Breton spa