Tuesday, 21 May 2013

ContourFive NC700 with a small column

Good morning,
Today I’d like to show you something new about Breton ContourFive NC 700 for marble and granite, a machining centre with five interpolated axes (six axes if the machine is equipped with a lathe).
Here you can see the machining of a peculiar piece, a small column whose surface is machined in two different ways:

 half column shows a bas-relief performed with a drill 

while the other half column is twisted making use of the disk.

This type of machining proves the great flexibility of ContourFive NC 700 equipped with a lathe.
Please consider that you can also produce:
- statues and busts
- wash-basins
- architectural components
- tombstones (funerary art)
- engraving
- large sized columns.
The bench of ContourFive NC 700 measures 3.500x1.970mm, while the lathe can turn pieces with max. diameter 960mm and max. length 3.200mm, therefore this machine is ideal for processing also large pieces
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Sergio Prior   


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