Thursday, 6 June 2013

Two marble hands produced by Breton Shapemill 5-axes machining centre

Good morning,
Today I’d like to show you something new: although small, this sculpture involves a quite complex machining.
It represents two joined hands and is produced by
Breton Shapemill 5-axes machining centre.
The 5-axes machine roughly shapes the piece with the disk.
Here is the result.

Now Shapemill starts to finish the piece with the tool.

Once the machining operations are completed, it’s the operator’s turn to finish off the piece.

The amazing performances of Breton Shapemill machining centre for marble and granite will never stop surprising me.
Indeed, I could become a serious competitor to Michelangelo with a 5-axes CNC machining centre of this type! ;-)

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Sergio Prior

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