Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Film showing Breton production departments shot by a drone

Breton top view
Good morning,
Today I’d like to tell you something about a very interesting experience I have had.
Last week a couple of students from the I.P.S.I.A. “G.Galilei” Institute (a State Professional Institute for Industry and Craft Workers located in Castelfranco Veneto, Treviso) paid us a visit together with their teacher, Mr. Daniele Pauletto.
This team is specialized in using DRONES.
Prof. Pauletto and students of IPSIA Galilei Institute Castelfranco
They shot some test films (see here under) and took pictures both inside Breton production departments and outside our premises. 
Start drone
Drone guide with remote control

I am really proud to live in the same town of an Institute where this cutting-edge technology is taught and used.
Machine Tools dept.

Slabs polishing machines assembly dept.
Both these students and their teacher are already well-known since they were one of the first teams to test drones. 
Here are some of their recent activities:
1 - How delivering medicines to old people with mobility problems. (RAI NEWS 05.02.2014)

2 - Video surveillance using drones (Tribuna TV 16.02.2014).

3 - Reconnaissance of Asolo cathedral roof to verify its conditions before being restored. (Tribuna TV 13.03.2014)

4 - Their latest project could be interesting for Jeff Bezos from AMAZON: a drone delivering newspapers. (Tribuna TV 16.02.2014)

5 - I.P.S.I.A. presents the sommelier drone (ILSOLE24ORE 21.02.2014

6 - Aerial survey of the famous Bassano old bridge (Dronilab blog)

Head and spindle dept.

Slabs polishing machines assembly dept.

CNC router and bridge saw assembly dept.
Since they will soon return to Breton to shoot other films both indoor and outdoor, I will keep you updated.
Sergio Prior

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