Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Breton Smart-Cut 800 - 5 axis bridge saw for marble and granite

SMART-CUT S/NC 800 is a NC cutting and profiling machining centre with five interpolated axes, equipped with rotating head and fixed work bench with tilting top (on request).
The S/NC 800B model mounts a fixed work bench with motorized conveyor belt so as to automate the loading and unloading operations.

SMART-CUT S/NC 800 is designed to perform multiple and complex machining operations which would otherwise require several machines:
- cuts blocks and slabs into workpieces. 
- Mounts a cutting disc for profiling blocks to obtain complex workpieces.

- Mounts milling tools for creating recesses and for workpiece profiling.

- Performs machining operations with 5 continuous axes.

- Makes engravings
 - Makes bas-reliefs

- Performs turning operations.

- Performs profiling operations.

As you can see, the Smart-Cut 800 bridge saw for marble and granite is MUCH MORE than a simple bridge saw: it is a REAL 5 axis machining centre. 
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