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EASYEDGE V7S - Vertical edge polisher with oscillating motion of the polishing spindles

Vertical edge polisher  with oscillating motion of the polishing spindles

Easyedge V7 is specially designed to polish straight, flat edges and to perform the upper and lower chamfers on natural and compound stone panels placed upright.
The polishing spindle unit is designed with oscillating motion in order to guarantee the maximum polishing degree, independently of thickness.
At the entry, the machine is equipped with a spindle which performs the profile-shaping of the edges, or the gauging of the piece lower part, or the “drip board cut”.
Because of its simple design, the Easyedge V7, which is delivered completely assembled, can be rapidly installed and started, even without the intervention of the Manufaturer’s skilled technicians.

It can be floor-anchored and does not require any foundations. The processing water is collected inside the machine and then conveyed to the point of discharge
The Easyedge V7 can polish materials up to 60 mm thick: the simple manual adjustment of the lateral presser bar according to the thickness of the piece to be worked is sufficient.

The standard machine is supplied fully equipped with:
• 1 
spindle to perform the edge profile-shaping, or the thickness gauging, or the “drip board” carving.
• 7 spindles to polish the straight edge.
• 2 spindles to perform the standard  chamfers.
• 1 spindle  (+1 optional) to carry out deep edge bevelling.

Distinguishing characteristics 
• electromechanical control of the machine without any sophisticated electronic device, in order to facilitate maintenance and make it executable to the user himself;

• polishing spindles with pneumatic pressure, equipped with multiple-labyrinth frontal radial seals and protection bellows to secure maximum reliability when working under a jet of water;
• 2 chamfering spindles with pneumatic pressure (1+1 opposed spindles) to carry out standard chamfers;

• 1 bevelling spindle with mechanical positioning (plus 1 opposed spindle) to carry out deep edge bevelling. Bevels are then polished by the pneumatic chamfering spindles;

• oscillating movement of the polishing spindle  unit to guarantee the maximum polishing degree on the straight edge, independently of thickness;
• great stability of the vertical piece  under working thanks to the rigidity of the seat-guided conveyor belt;

• “Plug and Play” installation and start-up of the machine, without the intervention of the Manufaturer’s skilled technicians;
• guards to keep the processing water  inside the machine thus preventing it from polluting the surrounding area;

• guards and stainless steel electrical cabinet to avoid all problems of rust;

• the machine complies with CE or UL standards.

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