Monday, 29 September 2014

Breton Touch, the user interface everyone was waiting for

Hello everyone,
We are just back from MARMOMACC exhibition where our stand was packed with customers for four straight days!
Today I’d like to explain you the operating mode of “Breton Touch”, the new graphic user interface for our Smart-Cut and Combicut bridge saws.

Breton Touch is installed on the machine, in a control panel with multi-touch colour monitor, and allows to program straight away the machining operations in a simple and intuitive way. 

Users are guided throughout their work since the Apps describe step by step the different development stages of the product, from drawing to processing.
Slab Editor” is the App that, controlling the digital camera installed on the machine, enables to acquire the slab image and draw its perimeter and defects by simply finger touching them on the multi-touch monitor. The slab is saved in a database containing its whole story: to which job order the slab is assigned, which are the pieces produced, what is the slab classification, etc.

Even lacking the digital camera, it is however possible to define the slab useful area by entering the detected dimensions.
Once the slab parameters are defined, the "Cut Scheme" App arranges the cutting scheme in the best possible way either through the automatic nesting or manually entering with a simple finger touch the pieces which can be moved , rotated or coupled with other pieces thanks to the automatic snap.

At this stage, the arranged scheme is automatically analyzed and optimized. The "Cut Move Editor" App calculates the cutting sequence and the different handling operations needed for its execution. This App controls the vacuum cups of the casing and activates only those which are needed to pick up the template safely and precisely.
The most demanding user can also modify the cutting sequence and relevant handling operations by finger dragging portions of slab or selecting the cuts required as if the machine was an extension of his hand.

With the "Shape Editor" App it's finally possible to draw using just a finger; this App is a multi-touch CAD installed on the machine and is used to import files, draw templates and design tops by means of practical parametric shapes.
Slab Selector” is an intuitive and simple to use App for managing the slab database and preview, search and select the slab photos.
DB Orders” is the App for managing the order database; here it is possible to see which are the pieces to produce and the required materials, and select the slabs to be used.
Each App is provided with a Multimedia Help assisting the user in a practical and efficient way.

Shortly, Breton Touch will also offer access to the "Maintenance and Parts" App, the interactive mode to log into the operating and maintenance handbook.
I hope I shined a light on this innovative graphic user interface that Breton installs on its Combicut and Smart-Cut bridge saws.
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Sergio Prior

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