Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Breton and Breton USA at TISE West Show in Las Vegas.

Breton Friends,
On January 21 through the 23rd ,  2015, once again Breton Participated in full force at the TISE West Show in Las Vegas.
We are delighted to report that the show once again was a success, we received over 100 visitors from 30 US states, 3 Canadian Provinces, and 4 Foreign Countries.
The clients came to see our Worthy, our latest and greatest monboblock bridgesaw which we had in running order, and to discuss with us their various projects for everything from Traditional Stone Slabbing and Polishing to our very complete line of Fabshop Bridge Saws, Saw Waterjets, CNC routers, and top and edge polishing machinery.
The stand was quite busy throughout and even after show hours,  and with Gerry Van Der Bas, Pietro Zamperin, John Fallon & Egon Hinss  present, as well as our agents Tom Camp from Arizona, Robert Stout from Washington, and Ennio Stocco from Quebec, we felt we did a very good job to make sure each visitor was attended.
The Worthy was quite a big hit, and it seemed we had also many many requests for offers on our Combicut, Smartcut, and NC300 Series.
Also this year a key visitor to our booth on Friday was our ENG. Luca Toncelli one of our owners,  along with his wife Flavia who came by to experience all that is going on in our market. We’d like to thank Mr. Toncelli for his time as well.
This year, as in the last several trade exhibitions, we were fortunate to have some clients finalize their transactions with us at the event, and we have been working tirelessly since to follow up on the many requests and resulting closings. Also, we met several new clients that we had not yet met, so we find it was a big success all the way around.

We thank those of you who spent some of your valuable time during the event with us to share our ideas together, and special thanks to our great clients who made it a point to stop by and were so willing to speak to the new visitors about their experiences with our growing organization.
So, with that we move forward with those who came, and look forward to the many ,many projects in progress for this year. We’re quite bullish on 2015 thanks to a recovering economy and the drive and commitment to excellence by our clients, and potential clients, and the collective team spirit and customer focused effort  to achieve maximum client satisfaction, of our entire Breton USA Staff.

Gerry Van der Bas

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