Thursday, 19 February 2015

Breton Smart Cut 1000 – a SPECIAL bridge saw for SPECIAL works

A lathe-equipped CNC bridge saw with 5 interpolated axes turns into a through and through multitasking centre for stone.

Good morning,
Today I’ll show you how the lathe-equipped CNC bridge saw with 5 interpolated axes “Breton Smartcut 1000” manages to produce quite complex statues.

Such result is obtained starting from a simple marble block, using a diamond disk at the beginning and completing the process with a tool finish. 

Not bad, isn’t it?
Here below some data:
- The Madonna statue, once finished,  measures approximately 1.200 mm (47.2") in height
- It took about 80 hours to produce it
- The material used was a Greek marble
- The lathe, when used for producing columns and twisted effect details,  allows to obtain work pieces  with max. turnable dimensions: ø 800x3.200 mm (

Here below a brief photo sequence which describes the processing.

Here below a video clip showing the pre-finish  using the disk.

What else can we say?
Simply that the bridge saw for marble and granite Breton Smart Cut 1000 for marble and granite performs SPECIAL works such as this piece.

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Thank you for the attention and best regards.

Sergio Prior

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