Thursday, 12 March 2015

Breton “SMARTCUT S/NC 550 OPTIMA” bridge saw produces kitchen tops!!!

Smart-Cut 550 OPTIMA, Breton’s fully-developed bridge saw, processes kitchen tops (and much more besides) same as a shaping machine does.

Good morning everybody,
Today I won’t take up much of your time!
See with your own eyes how the bridge saw for marble and granite  Breton Smart-Cut 550 OPTIMA produces kitchen tops.

This kind of bridge saw is excellent even when making engravings.

Once the kitchen tops are completed, the bridge saw Smart-Cut 550 OPTIMA starts processing a beautiful shower tray.

I guess you are pleasantly surprised!
Here you could find all the information relevant to the Breton bridge saw in the conveyor belt work bench version.

Otherwise here you may  read the online catalogue
Write to for requesting an estimate.
We’ll get back to you promptly.
Thank you for the attention and best regards.
Sergio Prior

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