Tuesday, 13 October 2015

SMART-CUT DUO a powerful and flexible cutting line

Breton has patented a new machine: Smart-Cut DUO - innovative optimized cutting center for high productivity with two heads and two beams.
The Smart-Cut DUO is Breton's new integrated cutting line: a concentrated package of productivity, flexibility and innovation. 
Equipped with two mounted parallel beams, each including a cutting spindle and suction cups for optimization, the Smartcut Duo is completely unique in its class. 

The flexibility of this machine consists of the fact that it can work with two beams simultaneously or with a single beam. This model has a powerful software optimizer that ensures precision on the slab surface area, allowing a simple or a complex cutting cycle and a vertical or 45° cut.

Smart-Cut DUO is powerful because it can provide up to 80% higher productivity compared to a conventional single disc machine.

Smart-Cut DUO with an anthropomorphic robot  

Smart-Cut DUO outfeed can be equipped with an anthropomorphic robot which can unload the cut slabs automatically without the supervision of an operator. 
All of this is possible thanks to our privileged partnership with Optidrive, a company specialized in the development of systems with Kuka robots
The first machine connected to a Kuka robot will be installed at Renier in Aarschot, Belgium, a technological leader in the natural stone processing industry. 

"We're convinced that the future of the natural stone processing market will be played out on the reduction of wastage, optimization of machining operations, production efficiency, and reduced human intervention in the process. 

The Smartcut Duo cutting line developed by Breton, coupled to an unloading robot, is the clear winning solution that will allow our company to pursue this strategy".
For technical and commercial information on the NEW Breton Smart-Cut DUO cutting center, write to: mail@breton.it.
We’ll get back to you promptly.
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Sergio Prior 

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