Tuesday, 20 October 2015

CONTOURBRETON, boosting performance with the new all-breton made electrospindle

Our Contourbreton NC300 stone router CNC machines are now equipped with a new electrospindle entirely designed and manufactured in our Italian facility

With its 16KW power rating, 14.500rpm, and an impressive 30Nm torque with service factor S1, this head maximizes the performance of the entire range of Breton contouring machines. 

The electrospindle body is made of aluminum to ensure the necessary stiffness and strength, with an anodized surface treatment for optimal corrosion resistance. 

The spindle shaft is made of hardened stainless steel that runs with three front and two rear bearings using ceramic balls, which ensure an elevated thrust capacity also at high rotation speeds.

The toolholder clamping system is type HSK-B80, which offers a higher performance than its ISO counterpart.

The electrospindle is thermally stabilized by a closed loop cooling circuit connected to a chiller.
For technical and commercial information on the NEW Breton electrospindle, write to: mail@breton.it.
We’ll get back to you promptly.
Thank you for the attention and best regards.

Sergio Prior

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