Thursday, 5 November 2015

Listen up some brief video interviews of our Area Manager illustrating the strengths of the exposed Breton machines at Marmomacc 2015

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If you haven’t visited Breton booth during the last MARMOMACC in Verona, listen up some  brief video interviews  of Mr. Gerry Van Der Bas, our BretonUSA Area Manager illustrating  the strengths of the exposed Breton machines.
Enjoy it!
Breton Smart-Cut DUO - Innovative optimized cutting center for high productivity with two heads with 5 interpolated axis capability, mounted on two opposed and independent beams.

Breton WORTHY - Numerical control bridge saw with revolving head and fixed, single-piece worktable that needs no foundations.

Breton COMBICUT - Two machines in one: disk + waterjet. Numerically controlled, combined disk and Waterjet cutting centre for the production of cut to size slabs.

Breton CONTOURFIVE 1200 - Contourfive is a shaping, contouring, sawing and turning CNC centre with 5 interpolated axis for machining pieces made from marble, granite, sandstone, limestone, engineered stone and stone in general.

Breton CONTOURBRETON NC300 K19 - Cnc stone router, with its compact, ergonomic and appealing design, is an easy to program machining centre that was specifically developed to produce kitchen worktops, bathroom and vanity tops, tabletops etc., always offering maximum machining precision.

Lucidacoste COMET Bellani for Breton   
Comet performs the continuous shaping and polishing of profiles either flat and linear or with a regular round shape (such as bullnose, half bullnose and quarter bullnose edges, etc.), shaping of special profiles, calibration, execution of bilateral bevelled edges, drip grooves, wings and slots on horizontally placed, natural and engineered stone workpieces.


Breton FUEGO MULTIAXIS - New Breton machine for cutting blocks and billets using a diamond wire, ideal for producing cylindrical/tapered columns, casings for columns, shaped and rough-hewed components for interior decoration through the interpolation of up to 10 axes.

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