Thursday, 21 January 2016

Breton COMBICUT 5-Axis, the tale of a best-seller

Hello everybody,
did you know we were the first company to design and market a bridge saw for combined disc/waterjet cutting, the COMBICUT?
That was back in 2005!

Last year we presented the 5-Axis version of COMBICUT, gathering the unanimous approval of our customers.
The head incorporates five interpolated axes including the waterjet.
This unique technology allows the waterjet head to be continuously tilted and achieve complex machining on materials hard to cut even with the most sophisticated diamond saw blade (e.g. ceramics).

The machine can be supplied with an automatic pallet exchange system which allows the operator to load and unload while the machine continuously saws.

The operator panel features the exclusiveBreton Multi Touchinterface technology that mimics smartphone functionality.

The machine has received widespread acclaim from its initial presentation to the market, and now it’s become a best-seller thanks to the introduction of the 5 interpolated axes.


Here you can find all the INFO about our Combicut 5 axes.

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Sergio Prior

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