Wednesday, 13 January 2016

CONTOURBRETON NC 300, a vast range able to meet all production requirements

Hello everybody,
maybe someone of you is now making a granite or engineered stone kitchen countertop or a marble vanity top and is using an obsolete machine.
Well, today I’ll show you the features of the 3 models of our numerical control contouring machine for kitchen countertops CONTOURBRETON NC300.

In all CONTOURBRETON NC300 models the vertical spindle stroke is 11.8" (300mm). The distance between spindle nose and worktable is 20.5" (520mm), allowing also plunge milling operations on blocks.

CONTOURBRETON NC300 K19 has effective “X” axis working travel of 126" (3,200mm) and “Y” axis travel of 76.8" (1,950mm).

CONTOURBRETON NC300 K26 has effective “X” axis working travel of 149.6" (3,800mm) and “Y” axis travel of 90.5" (2,300mm).

CONTOURBRETON NC300 K40 ha has effective “X” axis working travel of 149.6" (3,800mm) and “Y” axis travel of 157.5" (4,000mm).

Our Contourbreton machines are now equipped with a new electrospindle entirely designed and manufactured in our Italian facility.
Here you can see the Contourbreton NC300 K26 while is realizing a kitchen top.

The large and easily accessible work bench is made of aluminium slats.
Is availble a continuous worktop made of Metalquartz®, a special patented quartz-based composite material with a polymeric matrix, specially engineered to ensure the same high rigidity and expansion coefficient of steel (ON REQUEST). 

An alternative way to reduce tooling time is Breton ROBOCUP SYSTEM – Patented (for models K26 and K40 only).

Robocup introduces a revolutionary, automated way of arranging the vacuum cups on the work bench.

According to the work schedule and type of workpieces to be produced, the spindle lifts automatically the double-acting vacuum cups from the special magazine and alignes them with the selflocking valves fixed to the work bench.
The self-locking device firmly locks the vacuum cups on the bench and the workpieces to the vacuum cups. 

Once the profiling operations are over, the self-locking device releases the workpieces from the vacuum cups and the vacuum cups from the bench, the spindle lifts automatically the vacuum cups and places them in the magazine and a special pressure washing system washes the work bench before beginning a new vacuum cup arrangement cycle.

If you need more information and technical data on Contourbreton, you will find them here.
Remember also that Breton’s contouring machines are ideal for operations such as engravings and writings. 

For technical and commercial information for Contourbreton NC300 CNC stone router, write to
We’ll get back to you promptly.
Thank you for the attention and best regards.

Sergio Prior

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