Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Breton SmartFlex - CNC cutting centre with three cutting spindles

Greetings to all,
Today I want to show you a preview of the new CNC cutting centre with three cutting spindles (one of which is mounted on the twist head) belt rotating work bench and twist head Breton SmartFlex.

The Breton SmartFlex cutting centre has 5 interpolated axes and “MULTICUP” integrated vacuum cup system for the optimization of slab cutting by moving the pieces on the belt rotating work bench.

The machine is specially engineered to cut and shape items of granite, marble, engineered stone and suchlike .

For more information and prices, on the 5-axes cutting centre Breton SmartFlex, contact
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Thank you for the attention and best regards.
Sergio Prior

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  1. It's a nice post for Woodworker. I'm Looking a Chop Saw for my Woodworking services.
    Would you suggest me which are the Best Metal Chop Saw on the market?

  2. Dear Joshua S.Shah,
    we are specialist in natural stone machines.

    Best regards,
    Sergio Prior
    Marketing Manager
    Breton SpA