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Altar created by Odone Marmi on the Breton Shapemill machining centre

Objectively, artists rather than machinists. 
Master craftsmen rather than stone fabricators

Odone Angelo has been a point of reference in the creation of marble and granite products since 1950. The company's fabshop in Vercelli produces a succession of authentic artworks in natural stone thanks to their strategy of combining the unparalleled technology of the machines with the craftsmanship and machine programming skills of their expert workforce. 
The Vercello-based company, which designs and produces urban furniture, interiors, wall surfacessculpted solid items, floor surfaces and furnishing accessories, all strictly fashioned in stone and highly sought-after by building construction professionals seeking high quality and the most contemporary design.    

What's the best way to create granite and marble objects, sculptures, and furniture with a truly distinctive style? With a Breton 5-axis machining centre for cutting and shaping duties. 
Odone chose a Shapemill, a magic wand for its technical people, who have been able to flaunt all their expertise in the work processes thanks to the incredible potential of this versatile stone working machine.

Faster machining times = higher quality
As we can see from the photo, one of this machine's pluses is a very large worktable that can accept multiple parts for unmanned machining operations carried out overnight or on weekends, with ever higher performance levels.

The features of the Shapemill 5-axis machining centre include: rapid traverse at up to 40 m/min, and an exceptionally powerful 39.6 kW electrospindle. 

One of Angelo Odone's most recent creations is a magnificent church altar.

Marbles used for the project:
- Black Marquinia
- Macchia Vecchia
- Breccia Medicea
- Yellow Siena
- Red France


Optimal ratio between robustness and machining precision 
The structural frame and enclosure are executed to perfection to allow easy cleaning and maintenance: Breton Shapemill is an ultra-compact machining centre offering easy accessibility and all the accuracy assured by a 5-axis numerical controller.

All the machine's electronic and mechanical components are of impeccable quality
To provide an example, we've equipped the machine with a numerical controller of the very latest generation: the Siemens Sinumerik 840D SL.

27 tools available
Antonio Canova worked with chisel and hammer. And with its Shapemill, Odone has a 27-position tool magazine (protected from machining spray) for shaping, contouring, turning, and cutting slabs or blocks, plus a 2-position saw blades magazine (accessory). 
That can be compared to a palette for artists/technicians, with each colour represented by a specific tool for high precision machining operations. 
The photos show the stages involved in the creation of the altar components, all highly complex and with unique design features calling for the use of several different tools.
Shapemill is the 5-axis CNC machining centre par excellence for sacred furniture, monuments and funeral art.

Here we see the altar installed in the church of Parrocchia S. Maria Assunta in Netro (Biella).

Turning machining process
Turning operations are deserving of mention: Breton Shapemill can turn diameters of up to 1,600mm (Shapemill 1600) with an effective turning length of 3,200mm.

The following short video clips show the machining of individual parts:

Breton After-sales service
If any problem should occur Breton guarantees a level of after-sales service that is acclaimed by hundreds of customers for thousands of machines installed all over the world. 

Fast response times, authorised service centres and tele-service to ensure we're always alongside users: a simple Internet link means Breton technicians can provide adequate real-time support by interacting with the machine controller.

For more information and prices, on the 5-axes stone working center Breton Shapemill, contact
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